Beyond Skin

What’s on the Beyond Skin Blog?

As a vegan footwear brand, we get asked a broad variety of questions.
What are vegan shoes made from?
What are sustainable fashion brands?
Is vegan leather bad for the environment?
How do I take care of my vegan shoes?
Why are vegan shoes so expensive?
What really is the best vegan chocolate? All worthwhile questions, and all fully answered in our blogs.

The Vegan Dialogues

In our series The Vegan Dialogues, where we ask vegan influencers, vegan friends and non-vegans about the top issues currently facing veganism. We want to create a non-judgemental respectful platform for people with a variety of positions and opinions to discuss and debate the issues that are close to our hearts.

Ethical Outfit Inspiration

As a brand committed to style as well as ethics, we also give outfit inspiration using purely ethical, vegan and where possible sustainable fashion brands. And of course, we can’t help but choose outfits that complement our gorgeous vegan shoes.

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