The sun is out and is once again beaming its rays on the hub of Beyond Skin. The office here is excitingly hectic with stacks of the new 2010 Autumn/Winter collection piled up to the ceiling-which makes navigating to our desks a bit of a maze-like adventure!  Happy to report, the new collection is unfolding to be perhaps our greatest season yet…with quite a few celebrity requests from the likes of Leona Lewis, Ellen Page and more. Frustrating we know, but due to how much you all loved the Pixie boot we have nearly sold out, but if you’re still after that perfect vegan boots, we would love to recommend the Ricardo for an everyday boot; or for a boot with a little extra kick check out the Romeo. But of course, don’t forget to check out out our full collection of show-stopping vegan boots!


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Shoe News…

Take a gander at our beautiful AW’10 collection in Agatha in Lincoln and Leaf in Newcastle upon Tyne. For you ladies the other side of the pond, take a break from devouring one of those amazing Boston Bagels and stop in at Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, MA to see our newest collection.

That’s all for now from not-quite-so-sunny-but-we-still-love-it B.S.H.Q.. We love to hear from you, our fellow shoe-lovers, please send us a line about any of your Beyond Skin related thoughts…

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  • Toni

    Hi. Love those knee high boots. Looks great, would love to see more flat boots please!

  • Strattera Rezeptfrei

    Footprints on the sand of time are not made by sitting down.

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