Which lucky readers are going to Glastonbury this weekend, or any other fun festival that this fine English summer has to offer?  With such an array of incredible festivals on offer it’s sometimes a hard choice to make.  Once you’ve made up your mind on which one, or ones, to go to you’ll surely face the important dilemma of what to pack!  Our question is how do you go to a festival & still stay stylish, practical & ethical?

Here is the Beyond Skin guide to ethical festival living 2013.  (of sorts)…

SUMMER SANDALS-MADISON copyFirstly, get yourself a nice pair of flat vegan sandals, such as the lovely Madison by Beyond Skin, you’ll need another pair of vegetarian shoes – maybe even wellies to wear just in case the rains pour!  If you’re feeling brave & daring you could venture in to vegan high wedge territory for a dressy night out in the field…

Check your tent is in working order –no leaks or missing pegs

Sleeping bag & camping equipment (torch!)

Degradable baby wipes are a festival must & we recommend you carry them with you at all times!

Some bright makeup for dress up – a spot of glitter ever goes a miss!

Fancy dress outfit – charity shops will always provide some comical get-up for festivals – 80’s rock or 90’s glam.  Don’t get sucked in to the high street festival outfits – everyone will be wearing them so dare to be different!


A good bag – we like a side satchel you can fit your essentials in to – bright colours so you don’t lose it!

Beyond Skin flat non-leather vegan shoes

Wind up phone charger can be super useful so you wont get lost by yourself!

An anorak or some raincoat of some description is upsettingly essential.  We’ve just discovered a pac-a-mac made from 100% potato starch – spudcoat.  100% bio-degradable so you can just bury it once you’ve finished with it!

If you’d like to step it up a gear then you can’t go wrong with a ethical fashion treat from Christopher Raeburn, a raincoat made from recycled parachutes.

Other ethical footwear choices would be ethical wellies we would like to suggest these wellies made from 100% FSC certified natural rubber.db_file_img_4251_310x310

Sunglasses are must – we love these Tatty Devine sunglasses for the eyelashes! 
tatty devine glassesSun tan lotion is an essential part to your festival kit & we can only hope that we’ll need it! Opt for the chemical free version – Lavera do a great one & is better for your skin plus 100% vegan.

Please remember ladies that playsuits at festivals are not a good idea – think portaloo’s.  Awkward!

One of the main joys of going to a festival is experimenting with all of the culinary delights that they have to offer.  There is a plentitude of vegan foods we’ve heard about at various festivals but we particularly intrigued about the Badger Café, which is vegan and vegetarian and the profits support the Badger Trust.  From a classic humous salad bowl of delights, to high end vegan, raw cuisine, festivals have them all.

Festivals have such a varied audience that the food offerings must echo our ever growing demand for locally sourced, vegetarian and vegan foods. (perhaps the ‘dodgy burger vans’ could sneakily replace veggie burgers for beef burgers & see if anyone notices!)

You can also take some time out when visiting a festival – Glastonbury provides many spiritual areas for you to relax & unwind & enjoy the world go by.  Secret Garden Party has gorgeous hot tubs outside for you to steam away in and enjoy by the lakeside, Shambala has all sorts of healing therapies for you to be massaged, pampered and cleansed in.  Bestival enables you to have the beautiful setting of the Isle of Wight & will be a bundle of wild, fancy dress vegan fun!

Each festival has something different to offer you; incredible line up of music, outrageous acts & shows plus yummy food & drink to tempt.  Wherever you find yourselves this summer albeit at a festival or not – glamping, camping or however you may be sleeping, and where, we wish that you have a wonderful time of fun, adventure, yummy vegan food eating plus a hell of a lot of memory gathering!




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