Do you feel it is a bit of a jungle out there in the fashion world and hard to figure out, what is truly ethical and what is not?

We are currently experiencing the aftermath of the recession and with most hard times we have all come out a little bit wiser. We have learned, that where we choose to spend our money truly affects the market.

But it is not only the consumers who have learned – the fashion industry is working hard to become more ethical and product transparent. More and more fashion brands are ‘showing’ off how they are contributing to protect th

e environment, and we at Beyond Skin are absolutely loving the new trend.

So this week’s addition from us will be a little highlight of our favourite ethical fashion contributors.

Pages to check out

Last week we mentioned Vegan chic – the place to go when you need good vegan and vegetarian shoes or vegan and vegetarian accessories. So no need to praise them all over again this week.



This week we would like to highlight ecouterre. Ecouterre’s mission is to give you all the latest eco-fashion news including everything from new innovative technologies to environmentally friendly ways of working.

ecouterre was launched by the designer Jill Fehrenbacher as, the same as this blog edition really, to let you know about all the great ecological trends that are out there.

Prior to ecouterre J.F. launced Inhabitat which generally does the same as Ecouterre but more product related (Yes – on inhabitat you can do some shopping).



Check out this sustainable wooden watch from WEWOOD which is featured on inhabitat. With every watch sold a tree is planted. Love it!






honest by

An other site worth a visit is Honest by. which is a website dedicated to ethical fashion featuring various brands with different ethical ethos’. A special feature we love about this page is that you can filter your search according to your Ethical need whether that is vegan, organic, recycled or if you only prefer to shop within Europe. If you are more liberal you can also just browse the styles and when selecting a particular style, the site will let you know how this product rates ethically. Super easy and amazing. honest by. features collections from Maison Des Talons, Heaven Tanudiredja and many more.

We found this kimono style jacket by Bruno Pieters to get you ready to look autumn vegetarian chic.

Bruno Pieter


Beyond Skin Rosa



This jacket is in a timeless design and can be used season after season spiced up with what ever is the current fashion.The Beyond Skin Rosa will go amazingly with this jacket with her bold geometric print and square toe shape.

Ethical Brands

Are you a simple jeans kind of girl, then you should check out haikure, who only uses Organic cotton in their designs and have created a very easy access product descriptions. On their jeans you will find a label with a QR code and when scanning the code, information about the product, such as eco-sustainability and origin will appear. Couldn’t be easier.


Haikure jeans


Beyond Skin Suni

We love these casual Peperina jeans by haikure and to complete the casual look we think the  Beyond Skin vegan Suni in camel coloured vegan faux suede and a black vegetarian faux patent toe will go perfect with each other for a relaxed autumn look.





If you are on the look-out for a new autumn bag you should definitely check out Elvis & Kresse. These guys made a super creative accessories collection made from fire hoses they got from an abandoned fire station in London. Great idea and everything is of course vegan, recycled , UK-sourced, hand crafted and not to forget – waterproof.









This Bowling style bag in amazing autumn colours from Elvis & Kresse will look absolutely perfect with our Beyond Skin Chelsea style ankle boot Dannie.

Beyond Skin Dannie








Big cooperation’s are luckily following suit, when it come to ethical fashion.
ASOS have launched an ethical line called ASOS AFRICA, where the collections are produced in collaboration with a rural Kenyan community, allowing underprivileged communities to establish sustainable business through local craftsmanship.


We love print and so does ASOS AFRICA and we think this elephant print dress will brighten everyone’s day. With this dress we recommend wearing a flat low key Ethical shoes like the vegetarian Joanie Beyond Skin shoe.


Beyond Skin Joanie













Another great brand is ECOALF who, like Beyond Skin, creates products from recycled PET plastic bottles. ECOALF also produces articles featuring discarded fishing nets and used coffee grounds.

They have a great winter jacket selection perfect for now that it is getting oh so cold.


We love this Ethical autumn deep Khaki puffy jacket and think, the colour will go perfectly with our vegan elephant grey Ricardo Boot who is also made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Perfect Match!

Beyond Skin Ricardo


Become an Ethical designer yourself

Beyond Skin Vegan design contest


The ultimate personal styling would no doubt be to design your own pair of Ethical vegan shoes.
Beyond Skin is currently working together with PETA and have together created a contest for you to design a ladies shoe in Ethical vegan textiles. The winning style will then be put in production by Beyond Skin and be available for the whole world to purchase next spring 2014. How exiting wouldn’t it be to see someone walking around in your design?

You can read more about the contest here.

Tips and tricks.

A shoe is a difficult thing to draw so a good trick is to take a shoe, which silhouette you like, and draw from that. That way, you can easily get the angels and proportions right

Check out Sisa Spa for textile inspiration.


Now you can get Ethical fashion fantastic for this autumn with out any Ethical compromises. Finally it is easy to be Ethical, warm and fashionable at the same time.

Good luck out there in what now might seem like a little less confusing Ethical jungle.

Kitten Kisses  (because we didn’t mention pets for one whole blog)
xxX Beyond Skin Xxx

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