Arh… Christmas is approaching fast. So we have created a Top 10 Ethical Christmas shopping ideas for you, so you can have a calm and guilt-free Christmas

Ethical Goodies for your girls.
This might be your best friend, your sister or your mother – and we know, that girls are hard to please. Oh, we can be so picky!!  However, you can never ever go wrong with jewellery…

1. LA Jewellery creates amazing unique jewellery, hand-made made by the owner and designer Lisa Anne.
LA Jewellery insists on taking care of the environment when creating their ethical jewellery beauties. They use only recycled precious metals or bi-products from metal suppliers.
They always make sure, that their suppliers are sustainable and fair trade.

We found this gorgeous planet necklace almost too beautiful to give away which will go with almost any outfit.

LA Jewellery Planet

2. No matter when and where we are, we will always run out of – and can always use: skin care.

One favourite of ours is almost anything containing argan oil. It works wonders on any skin type especially now, that the cold rough weather is going to take it toll on our cheeks.
Nourish made a perfect gift pack with their best argan oil treasures – Christmas edition! including gold (yes gold – naw but golden glow illumination face shimmer), frankincense and myrrh – which will make your skin as soft as baby Jesus’ touchy.

This Nourish collection is also organic, vegan, paraben free and not tested on animals.
Nourish Christmas


3. Shoes Shoes Shoes!
No girl can have too many shoes. Especially everyday-loafers.
Did you know, that when you purchase a pair of Beyond Skin Mylo’s you automatically donate to PETA?
And what woman wouldn’t absolutely adore having a pair of horse embroidered loafer.
The Beyond Skin Mylo is also made from Dinamica suede, which is a synthetic suede, made out of recycled plastic bottles. Wow!

Beyond Skin Mylo

For the Ethical Man

4. Last week mentioned the recycled fire hose bags from Elvis and Kresse and WEWOOD  uprecycled wood watches, which we still believe is an ultimate present for any stylish and environmentally conscious man. This week we found another treasure in the same ballpark.

Traidcraft have created a rough yet classic style men’s shoulder bag made entirely of recycled inner tubes of tyres.
The bag is produced in India in Traidcrafts rehabilitation centre in Bhopal, India.
Traidcraft established the centre in 1985 to help the victims, that where left after the gas leak tragedy of December 1984, where the leak caused 500.000 people to be exposed to Methyl isocyanate which is highly toxic and caused over 3500 deaths and more than 500.000 injuries.
The Traidcraft rehabilitation centre helps the victims with offering work and a number of training programmes.
Great bag – amazing cause – good conscience.

Tridcraft tyre bag

5.We are almost through Movember and our male friends might be starting to look a bit wild. So why not treat them to something special for the good cause they did. BlueBeard Revenge have crated an amazing range of paraben free shaving products and have spend years developing their skin products, which includes their own invention decelerine which has proven to delay hair growth, which means less shaving and no more razor burn.

You can purchase a ready-to-get-started kit with oils, creams, shaving brush and an ol’ school Cut Throat razor knife to make your man feel like a real pirate.

The Bluebeard revenge products are vegetarian, is packed in recycled packaging and with every purchase you automatically donate to the Orchid charity that, creates awareness of specific male cancers.

Bluebeard Revenge

6. It’s not only women, who love to get hold of a new pair of ethical shoes.
We found this great pair of vegan shoes from ekin, which are beautifully handmade in Portugal featuring synthetic suede and a recycled rubber sole.

Ekin vegan shoe

Ethical gifts for the little ones.

7.The Ethical Superstore offers everything you need for an ethical Christmas, which we have found a vast amount of ethical inspiration from.
Via the Ethical Superstore we found some great ethical toys for the children.
Take for example this dynamo-powered racetrack, which is powered by hand generators, where the kids learn how they can create energy themselves.

Ethical racecar

8. Ethical Memory game.
This memory games helps your children train their memory, while also understanding different cultures.
The game itself is made from recycled grey board and printed with soy-based ink. Super environmentally friendly and fun.

Ethical memory game

Ethical Gifts for the one who has everything.

9. We all have that one friend, who is either really hard to please or already has everything – but fret not. There’s a perfect ethical present for this person as well: Wine! Ethical wine! Oh so easy and oh so yummy!
The online shop The Natural Collection has a great selection of gift packs containing 6 eco-friendly wines.
Who couldn’t use 6 bottles of wine to warm themselves up during the cold winter nights or having wine ready for when you have friends or family over for dinner.

Ethical wine

This collection of red wines from the natural collection is both vegan and organic. Yummy!


A present for the whole family.

10. Many families go on Christmas holidays to celebrate with families abroad or just to spend Christmas in a warm place.
But often one family member gets left behind – the pet. And because it is the holidays the shelters are filled to the brim and it is impossible to find a pet-sitter.
In the end families see no other solution, than to abandon their pet or have them put down which is absolutely devastating.
So a perfect present for the whole family would be to adopt a pet.
on RSPCA’s website home you can do a pet search for your area and RSPCA will then link you up to the shelter so you can visit the pet you have fallen in love with.

Via RSPCA’s site we found the lovely Lucy, which is of the Akita breed and described by the RSPCA as a complete treasure of a dog.
Lucy is a stray dog but has been housetrained and is just a big portion of love.



You can search for your new family member here.

Now you can start preparing for a completely Ethical Christmas spending spree for your loved ones and hope, you will leave a comment if you have any other ideas for great ethical presents.

Check out our Beyond Skin Ethical Christmas Pinterest board, where we will keep coming up with Ethical Christmas ideas for you.

Jingle Bells
Beyond Skin

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