On a previous blog we suggested adopting a shelter dog as an ethical Christmas present. Which is still a wonderful idea and would make a little pup and your own little ones very happy for Christmas. A terrible downside on Christmas is that, often families go out of town for Christmas but then the dogs gets left behind. And because of the Christmas rush, the shelters are filled to the brim and relatives are not able to doggie sit because they might be out of town as well. So the only option, some owners see possible, is euthanization. Adopting a pet for Christmas would therefore give more space in the shelters and save lives.


There are luckily organisations who have come to the rescue. Trusted House sitters  is an organisation who connects pet owners with petsitters around the world. On the site you can check the pet owners and sitters profiles and see their score, if they have any police charges and much more. Amazing people have then made a profile on the site offering their help in this busy holiday time.

There are things to consider before adopting a new family member for Christmas. Make sure that you and your children are ready for the responsibility for long term and be sure to be aware, that you will be spending the next few months house training the little new one – especially if the new one is a dog. Christmas and new years is a very hectic time and a new pet would just add on to that stress. Another thing to consider when adopting a dog is the weather. Adopting in the cold and dark winter time will make it hard, for you and your family to go out and train your dog – and the walks will not be as joyful, when it is cold and rainy.  Imagine standing in the wet cold staring at a puppy contemplating if he wants to pee or just sniff. . The beginning of this new relationship might end up feeling like a duty rather than a joyful addition to your life.

The first few months of a dog’s life, any life really, is so important of how the creature’s behaviour will be for the rest of the dogs life, and If you don’t have time to give the pet full attention you might end up with a little anti social devil than a cuddly love bunch.

This is rather common and because of this, the shelters most busy times are Christmas and then beginning of summer when people ‘return’ their Christmas present.

The poor upbringing and the mental stress, that will follow having to leave their home is a very sad and traumatic thing the poor dog will have to go through. These dogs can risk becoming very hard for the shelter to rehome. The Dogs Trust have a lot of dogs that can not seem to find a new home so they have set up a sponsoring plan for their dogs without a real home.


On the Dogs Trust website you can take a browse of the dogs they have living in their shelters, pick the one that got into your heart, and donate money for the dog to have a better living standard. This is especially good, if you are not ready to have a dog yourself, but would like to help. It could also be a great Christmas gift for someone else. By sponsoring you will receive updates on how your sponsored pet is doing and little thank you gifts from the Dogs Trust as well.

If you really would like to give a dog as a present, Christmas may not be the right time. Perhaps then give a pup-prosal and wrap up a teddy puppy with a note saying that you will go to the shelter together in the spring and together find the little treasure.

If you are thinking of getting a dog this season, not from a shelter but buying a dog from a breeder, this too needs consideration.
Let’s face it, Christmas is a time for a lot of people to gain a decent profit and this goes for dog breeders too. So when sellers have arranged for a puppy litter being ready for Christmas, they may not want to waste time and money on worming and vaccinations. So you might end up with an ill or dying puppy that will end up costing you a lot of money and heartbreak.

On The Dogs Trust website, which is one of our favourite charities, you can go through a handy checklist of what you need to consider before getting a new pet.

We also adore PETA and we often work together with PETA. Recently, we collaborated with PETA in an ethical shoe design competition, where you got the opportunity to become an Ethical footwear designer with PETA and Beyond Skin – The deadline for entering has sadly passed. But winners will be announced in the beginning of the new year. So exiting.

Every season we create a shoe with a lovely animal detailing where, when you purchase the shoe, we automatically donate some of the profit to an animal charity. This season PETA is the donation destination and Mylo, with the lovely Horsehead embroidery, is the style.

If you have a lot of time and like don’t mind the cold and are just dying to become a dog owner, we think it would be the greatest gift ever for both you and the dog to become a new little family. But is it usually more responsibility than you expect so please consider everything before you make such a big decision. It is not only you who is getting a new companion in life, the dog also does and a shelter dog deserves to benefit more from the new relationship than you.
But in the end – all you both need is love – and if that is in order on your side please adopt.

xxX The Beyond Skin Team wishes you a very merry Christmas Xxx



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