It’s the end of the year and you are surely busy preparing for the big shabang that is going down tonight. But we took this opportunity of an upcoming fresh start, to look back at the past year with Beyond Skin and what that entailed.

Join us on this little time travel.

In 2012 we entered a competition to win a mentoring programme with the British Footwear association and to our excitement won! We did not know who would be mentoring us at the time of entering the competition, but when it was revealed, that it would be Matt Rock from the Pentland Group who would be leading the way, we were ecstatic.

The mentoring set off in the beginning of 2013 and have been absolutely amazing.
Matt Rock and his amazing circle of contacts have been extremely generous to Beyond Skin.

In February Beyond Skin teamed up with Lines of Denmark in order to make it easier for the Americans to get hold of vegan Beyond skin styles.
Lines of Denmark became Beyond Skin’s distributor for the American people where, before Lines of Denmark started working together with Beyond Skin, it was mainly only possible for the American people to hold of our styles from our online shop.

In June we launched our new website with the experts of Jellywall. After years of using the same website it was great to get a good ol’ clean up with great guidance. The website looks amazing and although it was though to sort out years of files and images that had build up on our old website, it was absolutely great to start a new thanks to Damian Scarlett, founder of Jellywall’s great support.

Every season we launch a simple flat slipper with a beautiful golden embroidery of one of our favourite animals.

This summer was Lupo with a gorgeous English Bull Terrier embroidery designed by Cat Finnie (a dog designed by a Cat – now I’ve never).

This is however not just a normal slipper. With every purchase we donate 5% of the profits to one of our favourite charities.

Lupo was Launched in collaboration with The Dogs Trust where you could win a free pair of Beyond Skin LUPO slippers the profits went to The Dogs Trust.
Lupo have been adopted by many gorgeous women and is walking around sending good vibes and smiles all over the world.

This autumn we launched Mylo is up for adoption with a irresistible golden horse head embroidery (Golden Horse!!) again designed by the Talented Cat Finnie.

Mylo is still available from our online store and with Mylo on your feet you have given generous support to PETA.



In July we launched our Kickstarter – The expansion project in order to raise £20.000 for our diffusion line. Kickstarter is usually a project for raise start up funds for new brands. But a dear friend suggested to us to try and go through Kickstarter after one of our factories closed down and took our spring ’14 line, leaving us without any lovely shoes for you lovely people.So we trotted around Brighton beach with the talented Andy Evans filming our Kickstarter video. Our goal with the Kickstarter project was to get lovely people to pledge, for us to be able to create a whole new footwear line – never seen before at Beyond Skin: A classic affordable line while still keeping our ethos of being ethical cruelty free design.

It was a terribly nerve wrecking time with us checking the pledge status every 5 minutes and jumping and cheering every time a generous soul made a pledge. And the final result went beyond our expectations and truly saved us a lot of grief.
So thank you again to all you amazing people who pledged and to all of you who are now strutting around in our diffusion line which has truly been a success.


We are very fortunate to have great names supporting Beyond Skin. This year we were approach by the talented Anne Hathaway, who wanted to use Beyond Skin shoes for a front cover shoot. How exiting. One of our greatest supporters is Leona Lewis who have been absolutely amazing with endorsing our footwear and giving us mentions around where she thrives such as on her blog and latest she introduced us to some amazing people at PETA, which then flowered into to our Beyond Skin & PETA design competition in November, which ended in the beginning of this month. The winner is still yet to be announced and should be expected in the beginning of the new year. The winners will be selected by Laura Whitmore and we are sure she is in a pickle choosing from all the amazing submissions we received. Oh it is so exiting!

After many request we have finally launched a super fluffy winterboot. It can be extremely hard for a cruelty-free footwear enthusiast to find warm boots without the use of fluffy sheepskin – but Beyond Skin have come to the rescue and created the vegan Beyond Skin Misty, a fluffy sheepskin style boot with crepe sole so you wont slip on the icy pavements.



What can you expect from Beyond Skin in 2014?

Menswear collection SS14 we have received many requests from vegan men having the exact same problem as us women – not being able to find fashionable high quality cruelty free shoes. It has taken us a while to get to this point. The women’s collections were always so demanding (Well us woman have been known to have high standards). The heel took all our attention all the way to the deadline and left the menswear untouched.
But we are on it! The New Year with Beyond Skin is going to be for the men as well. So keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter.

Oh wait we didn’t even mention any pets – now that is just wrong. Your poor pets will probably be scared to death on new years eve.

On Halloween we concocted a few ideas for your pet to have a pleasant evening amongst all the racket.
Check out our Halloween blog here.

Now for goodness sake have fun out there, be safe and do not drown in all your New Years resolutions.


Happy New Year!


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