The first month of the year is almost at its end, and you might already have fallen back into your old routines, both good and bad ones. And your New Year’s resolutions might already be forgotten. But what was the reasoning behind these New Years resolution? Even if you didn’t make any resolutions, you definitely must have made some thoughts about, what you might want to develop or change about your self, just by having friends, family colleague or media (such as blogs :D) repeatedly asking you, what your New Year’s resolutions are.
Did your younger self imagine, that you would be another person, when you reached your current age (Oohh that was a mean one)? Or was your 2013 such a success, that you want to keep up the good work in 2014?
We all have areas of our life, that could use some development, and we want to help you to have a 2014 filled with success, health and happiness.

Do a review of your personal year of 2013.

On is a good and simple guide for you, to look back on the ups and down of your 2013.
What good things happened? Is it something you can progress on or is it something you can repeat in 2014?
What bad things happened? What did you learn from these bad experiences, and how can you prevent these from reoccurring. Is there any specific area of your life that went well, and other you would like to develop within success, health and happiness?

Did you set up goals in 2013 that you didn’t achieve? The philosopher Derek Parfit argues that, the reason we procrastinate, or e.g.. can not stop smoking is because, we do not identify with our future self. Our future self is a stranger, who we are not yet accountable for and therefore, hold no responsibilities to.
This might be why, your New Year’s resolutions are already failing (as usual) because, Parfit states, that it was not a promise made to our self but to the strange future self.

be who you want to be owlThe best advice we can bring to this statement is, to be who you want to be. If your future self is not something you can be at present, accept that your current self is a pathway to your future self and by acting presently as your future self would, you will finally be, or be one step closer to who you aim to be.

It can be easy to get stuck in routines because, they are not hurting you or bringing you down. They keep you at a steady secure and familiar present. But do these routines develop your professional, creative, physical or your love life?
Sometimes we also have developed opinions about subjects stating “That is not who I am” and in result being kept in the same bad rut. Try and look outside the box and maybe try, online dating for the first time, or go rock climbing even though this isn’t who you are.

But if you need to develop successfully, the first thing you need, is to also look like your future successful self. So here are Beyond Skin’s Top 5 dress for success.

Komodo is one of our favourite sites to find ethical outfits for any occasion.
Check out these work outfit we found with the help of Komodo’s amazing designs skills at reasonable prices. All plusses ++++

brown komodo

This first outfit is a very classy vintage look. The Beautiful vintage Audrey dress from Komodo is made from 100% Tencel – a textile made from wood pulp. The business style Reed jacket, made from organic flax, will make this dress perfect for the office but take the jacket off, and you’re ready for after work drinks.
To top this outfit off, we suggest you wear the vegan Beyond Skin Dannie a super vintage style Chelsea boot.

green casual

The second ethical work style outfit we found on Komodo’s e-store is the casual Friday outfit. You will still be ready for going out after work, with this gorgeous Popi brocade print hemp jersey featuring a sexy slit on the lower back, that will bring a little Friday excitement to your outfit.
With a colour wonder like the Popi we suggest, you keep it low key for the waist down with the Komodo Joanne Tensel and Bamboo jeans and finally the Beyond Skin vegan Lucile a lace-up ankle boot in faux patent and suede upper.

red komodo

Now to a more elegant chic corner of Komodo. Look executive fabulous in the Komodo Sil made from Tencel and Bamboo – and if you have ever had a feel of textiles made from Bamboo, you will not hesitate wanting this girl on your body. Bamboo is one of the softest ethical textiles, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable while being professional.
Alone this dress will work perfect for a cocktail party, but you don’t want to look like you’re ready to go drinking and mingling at work, so we suggest you cover up a bit with the Komodo Reed style Jacket in tweed and have a super elegant finish with the Beyond Skin vegan Tara in black faux suede.


Now we sadly move away from the wonderful Komodo and move on, to at not at all less wonderful design brand, which is L’Herbe Rouge.
Casual but black powerful chic, the Palama outfit from L’Herbe Rouge is not only perfect for work, but it is also ethical. This outfit is, like with Komodo, also made from Tencel so you can strut around guilt-free.
Bring a splash of light to this outfit with the vintage Silka lace up boot from Beyond Skin.

the stella look

Now at last but far from least, we couldn’t do a style blog without her: Stella McCartney.
This outfit from Stella McCartney is super feminine and professional with the  Stella McCartney Buckingham blazer and skirt with colour contrast from the Stella McCartney Olivia shirt.  Matching the shirt we recommend a little danger with the Beyond Skin Sirene with faux snakeskin print.


Now we hope you are ready to take on 2014 with style to make it a year of success, health and happiness.

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