Uuuuarg Valentine’s day is approaching. Valentine’s day is a perfect way for you and your hearts choice to celebrate your love for each other or for singles, to go out and meet other singles at all the great events that are happening on this special day.
Even if you are an anti-valentines person,  locking yourself inside on Valentine’s Day might even make you even more grumpy. But fret not, there are events for you too.
This week Beyond Skin will guide you on what to do on Valentine’s Day – both for you who are insanely in love and for you who believes that this day is a cheesy feeding-on-peoples-emotions-day – we know what you should do, no matter who you are. Check out this weeks Beyond Skin Top 5 Valentine’s Day event’s.


My Bloody VakentineWe start off with the anti-valentines. You do not have to be single to celebrate
anti-valentine – this event is so cool that anyone really should go. First choice is: The cinema – yes it sounds like a Valentine cheesy classic, but just you wait.
The Prince Charles cinema located on Leicester Square in London, who specialises in showing older films, are in celebration or, anti celebration of Valentine’s Day showing
My Bloody Valentine. On this Valentines Day, everyone looses their heart.

So get that Valentines grudge out by watching lovers bleed out.
And what would be more fitting, than wearing a, not love red, but blood red dress by Stella McCartney on the occasion with matching deadly gas mask black Beyond Skin Adriana.

Anti-Valentine's Day

After a day at work, you might just want to sit calmly and stare in to your lovers eyes, while eating a delicious meal. Then terre a terre would be the perfect place for such romantic event.

terre a terreTerre a Terre located in the centre of Brighton has been specialising in sustainable vegan cuisine for 20 years and no wonder. Their Menu is packed with delicious ethical vegan specialities and for this special occasion, they have set up and special 3 course Valentine’s Day menu featuring mouth watering dishes from Truffle Porcini and Chestnut Soup to Snappy pistachio wafers served with snow balls. Kalamansi clementine spice ice, almond amaretto freeze, coconut rum ball and sparkles.  Y-U-M-M-Y-L-O-V-E!

Dine in style with an ethical dinner dress from Stella McCartney featuring a green, almost eco-style waist defining slash detail and finish off with Beyond Skin Janesque in elegant vegan suede featuring a vintage style gold faux patent T-bar strap.
But careful, this outfit might make your loved one forget about the delicious food.

Vegan Valentine's Day


This next event is packed with love and excitement.
Museum of LondonExplore the act of seduction with The Museum of London. For this love occasion Museum of London have concocted an evening packed with exciting events where you are sure to get exited (both in the naughty and in the intellectual way) with their City of Seduction event. It will be a night of absinth, nudity and seductive dancing just to name a few things you can get in to at The Museum of London.
Awake your creative side drawing the sexy human curves with live drawing or take a tour of the ancient artefacts, that are too erotic to be displayed at any other day of the year.
And that’s not all, you can make your own love token in the Hurdy Gurdy  workshop or discover seductive scents with Odette Toilette.

Dress for this sexy evening in the classy yet seductive Stella McCartney V-neck dress perfectly finishes in the name of love with the passion red Beyond Skin Kiera. Seductive vintage class – just how we like it.

Red shoes


Maybe you just want to curl up in the dark with your special someone but have you ever had dinner in the dark?

Try Valentine’s Dinner in a different way this year. At Dans Le Noir located in the trendy East London, your senses will be put on the test by being served dinner in complete darkness. You will be led to your table by one of the blind waiters – and no one will be able to see what you get up to in the dark. Hey! – Get your mid out of the gutter! We where thinking if you spilled your food.

We do not however suggest that you spill on this gorgeous dinner dress from Stella McCartney featuring a very elegant vintage curve detail seductively following your body. Match with the shiny elegant faux patent Beyond Skin Cleo.

Dans le Noir


Now don’t think we forgot about the pets. Valentine’s is absolutely not only for humans. Everyone needs love.

Cat loveBattersea Dogs & Cats Home have set up an evening – adults only event, where you can come and get some feline love in their cuddle booths or go play games for grown-ups.
Love is guaranteed, if not by love for one of the other cat lovers present, then definitely for a furry love lump, which you will be able to adopt after love has struck.

Dress up ready for a gentle stroke in a Stella McCartney lace dress  and cuddle  and animal friendly Beyond Skin Clem flat court shoes with cute bow front detail.
In this outfit, people will have a hard time deciding who to cuddly, you or the cats, due to you both being so tempting to the touch.

cuddle love

If you are however not feeling like going out – or if you can not be together on Valentines day, a sure win and a true Valentine’s classic is always flowers and chocolate.
You can arrange a delivery of a dozen ethical roses from Bunches and what would be more perfect with Roses, than our personal favourite luxury vegan truffles from Booja Booja that will melt on your tongue and melt your lovers heart.

Chocolate and roses

Now you are all set for an amazing Valentine’s Day no matter if Valentines is your thing or not and please let us know, if you know of any amazing vegan Valentine’s Day events you think we should know about.

Much Love

Beyond Skin

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