The world of beauty products are a wee bit hard to find your way through, unless you are an eagle at Latin medical terminology. The ingredients list can be quite exhausting to analyse your way through in order to figure out, what exactly you are putting on your skin. For example, did you know, that Arachidyl Proprionate is a wax from animal fat, that can be found in skin care products and lipsticks? Oh dear. If you, like us, wish to live life without harming animals in any way, even down to your nail varnish then  today’s Beyond Skin blog is just what you need to be cruelty free. First ofo, a good link to save on your computer or is PETA’s animal ingredients list for whenever you are in doubt, if you are using vegan products.

Beyond Skin will this week, take you through some of our favourite vegan and vegetarian beauty products, so you can have great looking skin without the cruelty.

crazy rumorsCrazy Rumors Lip Balm: These lip balms are 100% vegan and come in quirky and tasty flavours from Raspberry Sherbet to Coffee Bean. They are packed with moisturising ingredients like jojoba oil, organic shea butter, macadamia seed olive oil, and vitamin E. And since it is St. Patrick’s Day Crazy Rumors have a special 20% St. Paddy’s Day Sale on, where the theme is green flavours such as Pear/Peppermint. And the best thing is, with certain flavours a smudge of your money is donated to charities.

barry MBarry M:  is a cosmetics company, that rose up in the beginning of the 80’s in a need for products, that did not use animal testing. None of Barry M.’s products have been tested on animals, but a few of them are not completely vegan but vegetarian. Luckily Barry M. is on trend with a see-through company policy and lists every ingredient with every product. And you do not have to have your Latin dermatology translator book at hand, when you are shopping with Barry M. They have done the work for you and have marked all vegan products with a green V-heartveg, whenever a product is completely cruelty free.

Barry M. has a great selection of delicious colour ranges for whatever tickles your fancy!

giovanniGiovanni Hair Care: This is a nourishing hair-care line, that is salon-quality and super-effective, and it smells irresistible. The complete range of products consists of only the most carefully selected blends of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and oils. These unique products contain no parabens,  sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or animal by-products. Cruelty-free-never tested on animals, pH Balanced and biodegradable formulas with recyclable packaging. —it’s organic, and most of their product are vegan but a few contain a dap of honey – so make sure to check, if you are on the lookout for a purely vegan Giovanni haircare product.

LUSHLUSH: We have all experienced, walking by a LUSH shop and caught that delicious sweet scent, that airs out from the shop and makes it impossible not to go in and explore all the colours, smells and shapes. LUSH products range from Hair, Shower, Face, Body & Bath. Bath time can be vegan, and FUN, all at the same time. LUSH has a line of novel vegan bubble bars, where you can make your own bath scent and at the same time. 10p from each sale of FUN, goes to helping children affected by the Fukushima disaster. The children in Fukushima, Japan are still mainly kept in their homes because of the radiation risk.
LUSH also donates money to a range of environmentally and animal-friendly charities.
Delicious, good and vegan!

DermoganicDermOrganics: DermOrganics are experts in Argan Oil treatments and if you haven’t been introduced to Argan oil yet, you are missing out. Argan oil is extracted from the seed of the Argan fruit, that grows on the Morrocan Argan Tree and has been used in Morrocco for centuries in cooking and skincare. Argan oil is also very popular for haircare and the Morrocan goats will climb high up the Argan tree to get a taste of the delicious fruits.

DermOrganics use Argan Oil in all of their products, which ranges from Skincare to haircare – which is where Argan oil does it’s magic the best.
A lot of companies are taking on the Argan trend, but these are often diluted down with chemicals, but you can still get hold of pure Argan oil with DermOrganics.

DermOrganics is vegan, not tested on animals and uses no artificial preservatives, sodium chloride, paraben or dyes.
All Good!

An other pure natural ingredient that work wonders is Coconut oil. You can use it for literally everything. Is can be your daily moisteriser for both body and skin, and because it is oil, it will not leave your skin feeling greasy all day. You can even eat it daily as a healthy energy boost as coconut contains vitamin K and E. Coconut oil can prevent diseases such as pneumonia, yeast infections and stomach ulcers – and is great for your digestion.

Coconut oil is also a natural makeup remover and a great vegan cooking oil. Perfect for

Check out Wellness Mama’s 101 uses for coconut oil. You will be surprised. We were (and haven’t stopped using it since).

If you have any tips or tricks on how to be a vegan beauty please do not hesitate to comment or send us pics on our Facebook page.

Happy Shopping

Beyond Skin

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  • Caroline

    Hey, according to the PETA website – Clarins ISN’T vegan as they test on animals.

  • Caroline

    Hey, according to the PETA website – Clarins ISN’T vegan as they test on animals.

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