Easter is upon us, and for those living in UK have been blessed with the usual gorgeous April sunshine!  Long may it stay and give us reason to wear vegan sandals instead of boots!

At Beyond Skin shoes we have been talking about the very tricky subject of chocolate.  Yes, we do love to push the conversational boundaries and chat about shoes and chocolate here! 

What we have been discussing is our top vegan chocolate a combination of vegan Easter eggs  and sweet treats.  Here is the top five as discerned by us…

1)   Booja Booja vegan chocolates.  Has to be.  We are officially obsessed with Booja Booja, any special occasion, out come the truffles!  You must try their scrummy Rum Sozzled Sultana Easter Eggs – off the scale delicious.   We love the packaging of Booja Booja too and how they melt so deliciously in your mouth.  It’s always fun surprising people with the fact that they are vegan chocolates, an easy way to break a preconceived idea of what vegan food and chocolate is like.


2)   Montezuma’s vegan selection box, which comes in a gorgeous little printed box one to be kept (not sure why, just looks pretty).  All of the different flavours make our mouths water.  If you’re lucky they might even have a store near you… you can check out there vegan selection here…



We are lucky enough to have a store in Brighton, which can be rather dangerous, but very effective.  A go to for present buying, or dinner party attendance as the packaging is so beautiful these boxes make the ideal present.

3)   Moo free chocolate – great for vegan Easter eggs, a classic for vegan children due to the quirky packaging and fun cow logo.  We are especially keen to try the vegan honeycomb infused Easter egg. 



4)   Conscious Chocolate  Ideal for those who like flavoured chocolate they offer a variety of vegan chocolate bars in all sorts of flavours such as Chili, Mint, Orange (a personal favourite) PLUS over the Easter period, they are offering a free Easter Card with all orders.  Who can resist.

Conscious Chocolate

5)   Om Bar – if you have not tried the coconut vegan chocolate treat that OmBar create, then you are missing out BIG time!  You have to give them a go, seriously delicious.  This is the best mid afternoon pick me up, best to be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea and all of your afternoon worries will just drift away.


If, like us, you like to get a little adventurous in the kitchen it’s super easy to make your own vegan, raw chocolate.  This is best for adults, as raw cocoa has a high level of natural stimulants so might create over active children on Easter day!

What you do, is get a bain-marie and put in the chopped up raw organic cocoa butter in the bowl.  Stir gently with a metal spoon until melted, then add 6 tablespoons of raw organic cocoa powder in the bowl – sieve it in gently whilst stirring. 

Add a couple of tablespoons of agave syrup to taste, then maybe some salt to taste.  Now is your chance to get creative with the flavor; you can add coconut oil, peppermint oil, nuts, raisins, anything you like the taste of really! 

Stir until all smooth and pour in to your chocolate mould shapes (our favourite is the classic heart shape).  Once all topped up and level, pop them in the fridge or freezer until firm, when they are ready to be devoured!

These make lovely vegan chocolate presents too, and always impresses friends (they just don’t know how easy it is)!

Now, all you have to do is enjoy the vegan chocolate Easter feast you have prepared!


Enjoy!  Love all at Beyond Skin xx

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