We have some excellent news.  We are delighted to announce that we were amongst the winners of this year’s Observer Ethical Awards 2014!

Livia Firth and Giulio Bonazzi presents Sustainable Fashion, Observer Ethical Awards 2014 The award announcement was celebrated with a short runway show on the Green Carpet (one of Livia Firth’s clever ideas as a play on ‘Red Carpet’) where the models were showing off some of the most popular Beyond Skin vegan shoes. From left to right you see the sustainable sandal Zoe (also seen on the red carpet at this years Oscars),  next is the upcoming Ethical Meave, who is so crispy new to the Beyond Skin family. She can be pre-orderd for a Mid-August delivery – But no sooner, so you will have to wait. And last being very elegantly shown off is the very sexy Vegetarian stiletto Venus.

Beyond Skin was crowned the winner of the ‘Sustainable Fashion Award’.  We were so thrilled and excited when Beyond Skin was announced the winner!  Natalie and Heather, gratefully and excitedly accepted the prize from Livia Firth as her company Eco Age sponsored the category.  The category was also generously sponsored by ECONYL who manufactures recycled nylon textiles for Adidas and Triumph.

Sustainable Fashion award winners Beyond Skin, Observer Ethical Awards 2014

We caught up with the glamourous and ethical fashionista Livia Firth, who we are happy to report was looking fabulous as ever in our vegan sandal wedges Saskia in turquoise who are currently on sale (So hurry if you want to get in on the Ethical Livia Look).  Lucy Siegle (far right) journalist on the Guardian on environmental issues, was as eloquent as ever and was the proud presenter for the awards, which is in its tenth year already.



Observer Ethical Awards 2014 end of ceremony guests celebrating

As you can imagine we had a fantastic night celebrating with the other brilliant contestants at the Observer Ethical Awards.  We met some seriously amazing and inspiring people, from Anne Power  plus the girls from HisBe Brighton.  Hisbe short for “How it should be” was nominated for their work for a more responsible, fair and sustainable food industry. They do this through their Brighton based Super marked

“When you shop at a hiSbe store you’re using your Shopper Power to vote for a better food industry! We’re not another health-food or whole-foods store though; we sell normal, recognisable products that people on average budgets and everyday diets buy.We’re about affordable food that is as local, healthy, natural, sustainable, GM and pesticide-free, fairly traded, high welfare, seasonal, minimally packaged, ethically produced and responsibly sourced as possible!”

Other ethical bods who attended the awards were Colin Firth, Jo Wood and Rick Edwards who were there presenting different categories for the awards.

We would like to say a big well done to all the other winners. Such as the brave Captain Peter Willcox who won the lifetime Achievement Award. He is a truly inspirational Greenpeace activist who has risked his life many times to try and make this planet a more sustainable and better place to live. It was a very, very humbling moment when we were told about the work that Peter has done to date, and how he has selflessly committed his life to the cause of our planet. He has experiences having his ship “The Rainbow Worrier” bombed by French foreign intelligence services when they were protesting against nuclear testing. And he has been arrested for piracy from attempting to put up a  “Save the Arctic” banner on an oil rig.

The Lifetime Achievement award goes to Peter Wilcox, Observer Ethical Awards 2014

Greenpeace activist Frank Hewetson accepted the Lifetime Achievement award on behalf of Peter Wilcox. The award was presented by Colin Firth and Lucy Siegle.

Queen guitarist Brian May, founder of Save Me and Team Badger won the campaigner of the year award for all his hard work fighting for animal rights.

Anita Dobson accepts Campaigner of the Year for her husband Brian May, Observer Ethical Awards 2014

Brian May’s wife Anita Dobson accepted the Campaigner of Year award on behalf of her husband.

Brian May is the leader and founder of Team Badger who fights against Badger culling, where Badgers are being killed in order to stop the transmission of Bovine TB to cattle. The killing of badgers, according to scientific studies, does not have any effect on reducing the transmission of bovine TB. Team Badger are fighting to bring vaccines to cattle and badgers instead of murder.

Save Me is an organization that fights against persecuting and torturing wildlife for sports.
Check out the campaign video for both causes below

Beauty products company Lush won best in business for its use of natural ingredients, reduced packaging and overall care of the planet.


Co-founder of Lush Mark Constantine explains in this video what the ethics and concept of the Lush products are all about which made the company the winners of this years Best in Business.


Another Winner was writer and actor Matt Fraser who won the Arts and Culture award for his work in Cabinet Of Curiosity: How Disability was kept in a box which he created to make our society rethink our attitudes toward difference.

The list goes on as there were so many extraordinary people, projects and places that are working hard to bring about ethical change.
Here a few of the other lucky winners

e40d9637-f5c1-427f-9ad4-8132738e6c1f-320x480Anne Power won the Local Hero award


Community Energy Project award goes to Lancaster Cohousing, Observer Ethical Awards 2014Lancaster Cohousing won the award for Community Energy Project


Winners of the Travel award Myths and Mountains and READ Global - Observer Ethical Awards 2014Myths and Mountains and READ Globalyear’s were the lucky winners of the Travel award, presented by Ruaridh Nicoll, editor of The Observer Magazine, and Mark Anderson, managing director at Virgin Holidays


Retailer of the Year awarded to Riverford, Observer Ethical AwardsRiverford winner of Retailer of the Year award.

Check out all the lucky winners here.

We feel truly blessed to have been given recognition for having the most sustainable fashion must haves and would like to thank you, as without our beautiful customers it would not have been possible.

Man's best friend: Beyond Skin's Natalie Dean and Heather Whittle.

Check out our interview with the Guardian Observer about our win here.


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