It is the holiday high time and you might be considering where to go for this years sunny escape.

Have you ever considered going ethical when choosing your vacation destination?  Here is a Beyond Skin guide to ethical holidays…

Getting there
There is always the pickle about how to get to your dream destination in order to reduce your carbon footprint. The number one tip we have, in order for you to save on the fuel, is to explore what your own country has to offer and at the same time supporting national and regional tourism. It is always best to travel by train, as the train emit less gas while running mostly on electricity.  Plus it’s a lot less stressful and you can sit back, and relax whilst the train does the hard work for you.

We found this neat website where you can Calculate your carbon footprint on what ever vehicle you choose to transport you to your holiday destination.  Interesting stuff!

When it come to your holiday destination, there are a lot of sustainable destinations to choose from and we have listed our top pick in this weeks Beyond Skin blog for you to get a little holiday inspiration.

Where to stay – UK
We thought we would start of exploring the British wonders in order to support national treasures and reduce our carbon footprint.

Barn Holiday in the Forest

Sutton Barns

Sutton Baynham Farm can hardly become more picturesque.
The beautiful 17th century farmhouse has been converted in to beautiful luxurious 5 star accommodation with the help of local workers.

In the heart of The Royal Forest of Dean, the 30 acre farm is on the fringe of Abbott’s wood, adjacent to the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, between Gloucester, Ross on Wye and Chepstow.

The farm consists of the original stone farmhouse stables, byre and barn, and we believe it looks like a luxurious and relaxing experience to recharge your batteries in.

You will have the converted cottage all to yourself, allowing you to take on your holiday at your own pace with self catering and dining out all being attractive options.

There is tonnes of exploring to be done in the local area – rivers and wildlife galore!

For the more adventurous and daring, you can hire a canoe or go on a treetop adventure. You can also visit the stunning Clearwell caves, go on a steam railway ride through forest of Dean or visit the Little dean Jail aka. the black museum.

“At Forest Barn Holidays, our aim is to work with the environment and not against it. To symbolize our commitment we are intent on providing a five star service whilst minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.”

The Barn farm has won the Green Tourist Business gold award and reduced and reuses whenever possible. They work hard to protect their surroundings, only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and the list list goes on.

A complete ethical tranquil luxury holiday experience, that we would rather like to have as a memory.

Where to rest your stilettos and don the sandals in Europe…

casa campo de la luz

If you want to get away and be set in an other culture we suggest going to the beautiful settings of the Casa Campo de la Luz in south of Spain.

“Casa campo de la luz utilises the resource that makes this area famous! The houses were designed and built using local materials and powered by the sun. The houses are all completely self sufficient and off the grid.”

The cottages are located in Jerez the Andalucia area of South of Spain and has everything to offer; whether you are looking for a beach holiday, gastronomical experinces, horse riding or historic sightseeing, Andalucia has it all and Casa Campo De la Luz is the perfect choice if you want to have an ethical holiday whilst supporting the local communities.



If you would like to go international for this year’s sustainable get away voluntouring is the biggest trend within ethical traveling at the moment.
Voluntour is ‘volunteer’ and ‘tourist’ combined and encourages you go and explore a different culture in the sun, while spending your precious time helping children, animals or the environment instead of spending two weeks sightseeing and getting a tan. 🙂

Voluntouring you can volunteer to teach English in Thailand, take care of mistreated Elephants in Cambodia  or help baby turtles get safely from egg to ocean in Costa Rica.

The aim of turtle conservation is to help the new baby turtles on their first venture to the sea, as they are very vulnerable in their newborn state. The turtles have various life threats such as local predators and hunters wanting the turtles for their meat and eggs.
By helping a larger number of turtles from nest to sea you will be helping the entire population of the sea turtles. This also includes taking the weak baby turtles into the conservation centre and help them become strong enough for release in to the wild, relocating nests away from predators and helping out in the conservation centre.

“The decline in sea turtle numbers in Sri Lanka is made all the more unfortunate, due to the fact that they have few natural predators in adulthood. As hatchlings and eggs turtles are much more vulnerable to natural predators, but by far the largest threat to turtle numbers are humans.
Turtles and their eggs are incredibly valuable on the black market. Eggs are sold for medicinal purposes, and are often considered a delicacy. Nesting green turtle females are regularly slaughtered for their meat, and sold by poachers looking to make money.
This project aims to reverse this trend by monitoring local sea turtle activity and conserving the local nesting sites. Since its inception, the project has released over 94,000 hatchlings that may otherwise have been poached or killed.”

You can read all about the programme and other amazing voluntouring opportunities on Responsible travel’s website.

If you do choose to fly to your holiday destination, please do try to avoid flying with Air France.  Air France is the only Airline that transport monkeys for medical experiments. Medical experiments above all, has to be stopped and we can help stop this, by making sure the labs do not have any monkeys to experiment on.
If you can handle it, please check out this horrible video below, where an undercover PETA investigator recorded the torture of lab experiments.

We hope you have been inspired to go Ethical for the first time, or continuing your ethical travels perhaps with a new angle.

Have a lovely holiday.

Sunshine wishes from

Beyond Skin


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