As a vegan or vegetarian, you have probably often heard something in the lines of: “You’re having a BBQ? Didn’t know you could grill salad”
Not many meat eaters (Meaters) know how many delicious meat-free BBQ dishes can be made on the flames.  They are often even more exiting than the classic sausages and burgers.
It is tempting to go to the shop and get a pack of vegetarian sausages for your meat loving guests, who always seem a bit nervous whenever you are treating them to a meal.  They are trying their best not to insult you but deep down, they are really just worried that they will be leaving your dinner party hungry. 😉

We at Beyond Skin love treating our carnivore loved ones’ to a right feast, where the guests will leave having had a new adventure to their tastebuds and their minds.  This also included a small evil agenda of making the food so tasty, that they completely forget that they went a whole meal without meat.  The ultimate test is the meat lovers holy grail – the BBQ party.

As we are saying goodbye to the last days of the summer, we would like to treat you, dear readers, to our favourite vegan and vegetarian BBQ recipes.

No summer BBQ is complete without a fresh salad. A salad is often tossed quickly together and the main focus is kept on the grill.  Remember that this doesn’t mean that the salad has to be boring or what you usually would expect when you introduce a salad to the BBQ table.

Oh She Glows  is an vegan recipe blog by Canadian Angela Liddon, who explores great vegan recipes while also including little anecdotes from her family life. Cute, quirky and absolutely delicious dishes. We tried her vegan Grilled Salad – so yes – you can grill salad, and it was such a taste adventure that we had to share it.

grilled salad

The Oh She Glows grilled salad is a party in it self as it is packed with flavour. It includes, amongst other things, peppers, zucchini, corn and is covered in both mustard and syrup and much more. Wow!

A taste sensation and an absolute must-try at your next BBQ.
Check out the full recipe on Oh She Glows blog.

Honestly Healthy has a lot of various eye-opening salad recipes and we are delighted to introduce you to one of our favourites, that has had amazing responses at out vegan BBQ’s.  The message behind Honestly Healthy is Living the Alkaline Way.

Mango dill

“This salad packs a deliciously creamy, flavoursome punch. Mangoes are a fantastic digestive aid and a potent source of magnesium and calcium.”

Avocado, Mango & Dill Salad is a great addition to the table if you have nervous meaters as guests. Avocado is very filling and contain lot’s of protein to give your guests that sense of a full belly, that they are used to.
Avocado is an irresistible creamy superfood, that goes perfect in a summer salad mixed with juicy mango and fresh dill. So delicious, that you will have to make a load because it is one of those salads, that even after you are stuffed, you can’t help but having just one extra bit…because this salad is just so appetising.

We like to use the last flames on the grill for the dessert for a complete BBQ theme.


“Baked Bananas – perhaps the ultimate childhood memory! Wrapping those bananas up and fidgeting for what felt like hours until they were ready. We used to eat them so quickly in fear that a lingering spoon from our parents would swoop in and take the last bit. What better way to get your kids to eat potassium rich energy food – this way you can have it all without the sugar laden refined chocolate too!”

Baked Bananas with Raw Chocolate Sauce from Honestly Healthy is perfect for the BBQ and super easy.
You just need to wrap your bananas in tinfoil and let the magic happen. then add cinnamon, vegan chocolate sauce, almonds and nuts. Y-U-M-M-Y!
Check out the full recipe on how to make this delicious BBQ style dessert.

It is not all about what food to cook, it is also about what shoes to wear.
For this ultimate vegan/veggie BBQ we suggest getting your toes out for one last night with the elegant wedge sandal June.

June is an ultra cute summer sandal in fresh summer colours. You can strut around in June all night with a glass of prosecco in your hand due to June having a sensible 4cm wedge height and buckle strap for a perfect fit.
June is made of Dinamica recycled bottle top suede and imitated snakeskin gold leather.
Fresh and cute and even on SALE!

If it has become too cold, where you live for free toes, then you should check out our AW14 collection. Lot’s a new amazing vegan styles have been added to the collection  and is definitely worth a look.

Now you are ready to start inviting your friends for this coming weekends’ ultimate veggie BBQ dinner party.

See you next week.
Beyond Skin

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