Veganism is becoming more mainstream all over the world and hopefully, this new worldwide lifestyle change will keep spreading for the sake of our environment and our dear animal creatures.

Often a persons choice to drastically change their eating habits come from being inspired by an other person. This could be a friend or a partner who is vegan showing that you don’t have to eat only salads at every meal or not being able to attend dinners out.
In our present day culture, it appears that celebrities are admired and trend setters, so people often pick up what they’re interests and passions are. If finding out that a person you look up to and respect is on a vegan diet, it is probable that you will start considering the possibly of making the same life choices.  Luckily, veganism is becoming a massive trend amongst celebrities and we at Beyond Skin sincerely hope, that this trend – is not only a trend – but a permanent new life style for more celebrities and their fans to come.

We would like to highlight some of our favourite vegan celebrities who are an inspiration for a more healthy and ethical way of living – and of course – match them up with a pair of vegan Beyond Skin shoes, that we think would be perfect for their personal style.

First we start off with our absolute favourite vegan celebrity who was the first Hollywood to wear Beyond Skin shoes first in major fashion magazine Vogue and later in the multible award winning film, V for Vendetta. Of course we are talking about, Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman is one of those actors who everyone loves and no one seems to hate. This is a quite an impossible achievement as an A-list celebrity. But this might be because, not only is she absolutely stunning, but she is also super interesting, daring in her choice of roles and super intelligent. Natalie Portman has a Bachelors degree from Harvard university in psychology and because of her brilliance she also carries a great sense of self irony – check out Natalie Portman rapping on Saturday Night Live.

Natalie has a great sense of style and we a very proud to be one of Natalie Portman’s vegan  fashion footwear choices.

Inspired by her appearance in V for Vendetta we matched Natalie Portman up with the vegan Beyond Skin Venus who is a very classic yet versatile stiletto  – just like Natalie.


Venus in pink is perfect for Natalie inspired by the scene in V for Vendetta where she
dresses up in a pink girly dress in order to seduce a priest. Venus in Pink is out ultimate seductive stiletto and would work perfect to seduce anyone. Venus in pink is made in Vegan Dinamica suede and a vegan metallic leather front detail for a contemporary vintage look.
Venus in Nude is inspired by the dramatic scene where Natalie, or in the film, Evey Hammond, have her hair shaved off – a look that not many of us could pull off!
Venus in nude in made in shiny vegan patent leather for creating that extra stripped look.
Venus in black was selected for Natalie in a tribute to her finally understanding the true genius of her capture  ‘V’ and instead of fighting against him she teams up with him.
V for Venus! (See what we did there?)
Venus in black is, like venus in pink, made i vegan suede and features a powerful 14cm stiletto heel.

An other vegan super celeb is Anne Hathaway who also is an amazing front figure for veganism.  Anne Hathaway is quite new to the vegan diet, but she is taking the new lifestyle on with full engagement.
Anne Hathaway has shown interest in Beyond Skin shoes when she, back in 2013 requested to wear vegan Beyond Skin heels for a photo shoot.
Anne Hathaway’s best look, is when she looks a little edgy. She absolutely rocks the short sassy hair style where her big beautiful eyes and lips really get to stand out.
So to match Anne’s style we matched her up with our sassy stand out vegan boot Roxanne.

This fierce boot is made in a mix of vegan Dinamica suede and vegan patent leather. Roxanne is available in both Bold Black and Killer Red and features a 10.5cm heel and velcro fastening for easy access.

One of our greatest vegan celebrity supporters is Leona Lewis, who have been absolutely amazing with endorsing our footwear and giving us mentions around where she thrives such as on her blog.
Leona Lewis is a  woman who has a classic, timeless style, so we matched Leona up with the very contemporary vegan Beyond Skin heel Kat & Archie.


Kat in vintage style purple geometric print is made in Italian woven fabric and features a highend almond toe shape. the 10cm block heel is covered in 100% vegan suede made from recycled PET plastic bottles and is a real statement piece.

Similar silhouette style Archie in faux pale gold snakeskin is perfect for Leona for when she guests one of many formal events. Archie is elegant but with an attitude which we know Leona will love due to her contemporary personal styling.

Next up is a power woman who both master the art of TV production, Film production and  acting. On top of all that, she is vegan. She is best known for her major role in the TV series Bones and yes now you must have guessed it, we are of course talking about Emily Deschanel.
Emily Deschanel’s style is always classic modern elegance just like her personality, so we found the perfect pair of Beyond Skin block heels to match  this strong woman’s style.


Rosa is perfect for Emily Deschanel because she is vintage mixed with a very strong silhouette. essential for a woman of high stature.
Rosa in classic Navy and Rosa in regal Red both features a Dinamica suede covered platform and 12cm heel. The upper is made in Italian gold woven fabric and has a vintage style square shaped toe.

All time favourite vegan celeb pioneer is the Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, who has been a vegan spokesperson many years has apart from acting published a best selling vegan cookbook The Kind Diet which, due to its popularity has extended into Alicia’s blog The Kind Life talk all about how to be kind to yourself, the environment, your children and of course the animals. Everything Alicia.
She truly has a hard of Gold so we set her up with some vegan gold sandals.


Georgie is an elegant gold Faux snakeskin sandal with Dinamica suede front design and faux suede covered stiletto heel.
Georgie comes both in pitch Black and loving Red.

Last but not least, we have the very talented Olga Kurylenko who is an amazing spokeswoman for the environment and ethical fashion. The 86th Academy Awards saw the gorgeous French actress Olga Kurylenko sporting the coveted Red Carpet Green Dress challenge winning gown, teamed with a pair of Beyond Skin’s vegan sandals.


As part of Red Carpet Green Dress, a sustainable fashion campaign founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, the talented actress Olga Kurylenko wore the Black Beyond Skin Zoe  when she visited the award ceremony. She wore the Beyond Skin Zoe with a gorgeous dark pink floor long dress made in  organic piece silk which was died with madder root.  This dress was custom made for Olga for this special occasion and black Zoe was specially picked for this dress. Zoe also comes in a Pink and Gold colourway if you need a daytime sandal stiletto.

If you were considering going vegan before, we hope that these powerful celebrity vegan woman has convinced you to go all the way for a more healthy, ethical and stylish way of living.

Beyond Skin


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