November is World Vegan Month

There seems to be a day, week, or month for an array of different causes these days.   Much to our delight, a while ago we had been National Chocolate Week.   This has led to many afternoons feasting on cocoa delights here at Beyond Skin HQ in not-so-sunny Brighton.  Our favourite vegan chocolate still remains to be Booja Booja.  The hazelnut or champagne truffles are the winners.  They’re intense, that’s for sure and rather rich – but we can handle it when it comes to chocolate!  We also love Montezuma’s vegan selection.


After daylight saving time kicking in on 26th October 2014, we will all start to feel the attraction for hibernation and the onset of warming, comfort foods will begin.  The month of November is World Vegan Month – so we thought we would bring this to your attention, and see if we could offer you some hopefully helpful little pointers if you’re up for the 30 day vegan challenge!

If you’re considering taking the challenge on, then we salute you.

Vegan Breakfast ideas:

  • Classic porridge with hemp milk, or coconut milk alternative, which is a great slow release energy provider that will last you until lunchtime.   (If you have a sweet tooth, add vegan agave syrup, or a chopped banana).
  • For an alternative to oat porridge try soaking a wild rice combination the night before, with water, then in the morning cook with some real coconut milk for a sumptuous and delicious creamy porridge alternative for all those gluten free people out there.
  • Scrambled tofu with toast and marmite.  Great quick Saturday breakfast and sets you up for the day.
  • A real favourite….. avocado and marmite on brown chewy toast.  Drizzle with olive oil, top with marmite – lavishly spread with spoonfulls of ripe avocado then optionally serve with spinach.  A gentle squeeze of fresh lemon does not go amiss here!
  • Sunday Full English Breakfast – timeless breakfast that we all secretly love!  Try a vegan alternative, its super easy and quick.  Impress your meat eating friends with a veggie friendly version; veggie sausages, pan fried mushrooms with thyme, baked tomatoes, spelt brown toast with naughty but nice baked beans.  You literally cannot get better… or can you?
  • Vegan Mexican breakfast/brunch.  This is a personal favourite breakfast dish, which was first experienced in Big Sur, California, and is reminiscent each time of sitting in gorgeous warm West Coast USA.  It’s all in the black beans, and just make sure that you get yourself some organic refried beans to go with this dish.  Simply slice some avocado up, and get preparing a spicy salsa.  Salsa of vine tomatoes (essential ingredient) with fresh chilli and garlic with some of your favourite oil variety add a twist of salt & pepper.  Meanwhile, slice some chunks of firm tofu and heat in a pan*.  Serve with warmed flat breads, avocado on the side, a generous dollop of beans, a load of salsa and the tofu steaks.  Optionally add some extra Tabasco or other hot pepper sauce.  Heaven (in my world).

*Please note, we are OBSESSED with coconut oil, and highly recommend using it as an alternative to olive oil when cooking, as it’s a much better type of fat for your body when heated, over olive oil.  It’s good for you on a multitude of levels.


 Vegan Lunch Ideas.

In our humble opinion, lunch is a very tricky meal, as often it’s eaten at your work desk in a hurried, quite frankly un-enjoyable manner.  We do know, however, that it’s easy to have a delicious vegan lunch for work, with a little extra effort.

  • Work lunch on the go style – available from all high streets: Humous, avocado and cherry tomatoes in a roll, or with rye bread. Classic, slightly boring, but effective & affordable.
  • Saturday style tapas lunch: big bowl of green salad with alkaline dressing (please note – always use Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother, replace your white wine vinegar with this, it’s alkaline forming and soooo good for you in many, many ways). Use olive oil or walnut oil on your dressing and we love to add raw ginger and grated garlic.  (plus it keeps the vampires away).

A little dish of grated carrots, with pure apple cider vinegar, a dash of olive oil and some finely chopped raw garlic.  Colourful, zesty and yummy! Another little dish we love is super simple, use vine tomatoes slice them up, add basil and salt & pepper.  Enjoy with spelt bread, humous and an assortment of chutneys and homemade pickles.

  • Try a seitan steak sandwich, or vegan bacon with freshly sliced tomatoes and a little side salad.  Seitan may surprise you (positively) if you haven’t tried it for a while…

On for the final feast of the day, dinner.  We like to enjoy with a glass of red wine, or a cheeky gin & tonic, there are some great vegan and sulphur free wines out there now, which are becoming more & more accessible.  Try Running Duck, which is organic and free from sulphites & other nasty preservatives that seem to make us sneeze!

  • A Lebanese feast!  Get the nutribullet, or blender out and get making your own humous, to get the evening started.  Easy to make – chick peas, with olive oil, lemon juice and a spoonful of tahini with some seasoning.  Add some roasted pepper, or other exciting flavours to spice it up!  Put a can of butter beans in the oven, in a ceramic dish, with generous amount of olive oil and a slightly worrying amount of garlic.  Leave them for about 45 minutes.  When you have about 5 minutes to go add in some flat breads, and use to serve.  This salad is really yummy and really easy.  The key is to slice everything really, really finely: romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes (diced) red onion, parsley with a dressing of lemon juice salt and olive oil.  Da da!  (please be warned that this may make you rather garlicky, so do take note)!
  • Asian fried tofu, with parsnip mash and leeks.  This is a super easy dish, but it gets the crowd excited.  Make a quick marinade of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and garlic, ginger and lemon juice with heaps of fresh coriander.  Leave to marinade whilst you peel parsnips and set to steam/boil.  Next, wash the leeks and finely slice into a pan.  Getly fry the tofu steaks, pouring about half the marinade in the pan.  Mash the parsnips adding some milk (our fave is coconut dairy free alternative) and then season.  Steam the leeks.  Serve with a heap of parsnip mash, topped with tofu and drizzled over with the remaining marinade and leeks on the side.
  • rancheros2.JPG.jpg

We hope that you enjoy some or all of these recipes, and that you will have a happy experience in November, world Vegan Month.

Please share with us your favourite recipes, as we are always looking for new ideas and inspiration!

Beyond Skin xx




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