Summer, is that you? I nearly didn’t recognise you, it’s been so long! Summer has finally arrived, guys and dolls. Of late my umbrella has been so dry that I could even fold it and put it away. Amazing. Summer is probably one of the best seasons, or at least it’s in the top 4. If you’re excited to spend long warm evenings on the beach, brandish fruity cocktails at BBQs, and don floaty summer dresses without once needing a coat, then you’re not alone. Wondering how best to prepare? Here’s our top 5 products you’ll need to kickstart your vegan summer.

Litte Ondine Nail Polish

SummerBS - 3At the beginning of summer, we always find that our feet need some extra TLC after being released from the shackles of socks. Painting your nails can freshen up your toes in no time, and we’ve found the perfect polish. Little Ondine is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and it’s nail-friendly to boot. Those damaging heavy duty chemicals usually used for taking off polish are not only unwanted but unneeded. Little Ondine is a peel-off polish, so you can take off yesterday’s bright red nails to match today’s outfit in a flash. It’s also odour-free, so you can apply a new colour on the train without upsetting anyone’s nose. As Little Ondine is water-based and made of natural ingredients, it dries much quicker than its chemical competitors. Even their customer service is impeccable; the staff are very friendly and more than happy to help with any queries. What’s not to love?

Our top 3 colours are chosen for their vibrancy as well as their bold names. Bang Bang (pink) is £9.20, Swoosh (blue) is also £9.20 and Ibiza (orange) is £8.40. Decorate your twinkle toes in these vivid colours and pair them with Beyond Skin’s faux snake with zebra print peep-toe wedges to create a bold statement look. Little Ondine also offer free delivery across the UK for any order over £15. Is there any box they’ve not ticked?

Beyond Skin’s Sandals

BS Summer Sandals

Summer is everyone’s favourite season for obvious reasons, but it’s our favourite because it’s particularly shoe-friendly. And shucks, we couldn’t choose just one pair of sandals for all of summer, could we? Here are our top 3 sandals for different summer occasions. As Beyond Skin HQ resides near sunny Brighton, first up we have some beach-friendly nude flats. These shoes are the perfect marriage of elegance and practicality for a casual day on the pebbles. Next is our BBQ footwear of choice: this pair of modern geometric printed wedges with metallic vegan leather straps would look right at home amongst a friend’s back garden grass. And last but not least, for those tropical evenings out on the town, we highly recommend our Luella gold mid-heel sandals. This delicate vintage design would be the ideal match for summer dresses long or short, and luckily we have a fresh delivery arriving very soon so you can pre-order now! You’re welcome.

Proof Sunglasses

SummerBS - 1Sunglasses are good for many reasons: they eliminate squinting, they protect your eyes from those dastardly UV rays, and they can be a glamorous fashion accessory all at the same time. Proof eyewear has a gorgeous range of sunglasses, and what’s more, they’re all responsibly produced. Proof have an impeccable history of giving back, all as part of their Do Good program. With each purchase, some of the money is donated to a worthy cause, such as tsunami relief in Japan, reforestation in Haiti, and most recently donating funds to build two eye clinics in India where over a quarter of the world’s blind population lives. That’s the kind of compassionate fashion we can get behind.

Our favourites are these Hayburn Wood sunglasses, with its vintage shape, vibrant colour and modern finish. They’re handmade in Idaho from sustainably sourced wood, and come in at about £96 ($151.10) including shipping to the UK. Wear these with a white A-line skirt and Beyond Skin’s cute bow-toed court shoes to rock the retro 50s look.

Sun Protection

SummerBS - 4

Some like it hot, but some like the shade. If you’re a dedicated sunbather, then before you commence your regimented schedule of devout sun worship, stock up on some vegan sun cream. The Lovea range is all organic and made with natural ingredients, which is what we like to hear. They use bio-degradable mineral filters, so whilst you’re protecting your skin, you’ll also be protecting the wildlife and marine plant life. This sun cream is also water resistant, should you get unexpectedly splashed by someone mischievous. All their sun protection products far exceed EU regulations on SPF, so you can properly relax in the sun without worrying about reliving the dreaded skin peels of holidays past. Lovea sun protection creams range from £12.99 to £17.99, from online organic beauty store My Pure. Armour up!

Ice Cream

Booja Booja Range

Booja Booja is never far from our thoughts, and now summer’s here, their intensely rich chocolate dairy-free ice cream is never far from our freezers. It’s a multi-award winning ice cream, and you can definitely taste why. All their ingredients are organic and raw when possible, and they’re prepared in a way to lock in their nutritional goodness. At the heart of each recipe is cashew nuts, so you’ll be scoring protein points at the same time. Bonus! Luckily Booja Booja ice cream is on sale at Holland & Barrett, Waitrose and Ocado, so you won’t have to work too hard to find it. To top it all off, the tubs are wallet-friendly, ranging from £1.99 to £6.99, depending on how indulgent you’re feeling. Happy days.

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