Ethical fashion is the new black, and nowadays there are more and more companies committed to the cause than ever before. This means that environmentally, ethically and style-conscious folks have much more to choose from when filling their wardrobe. Dressing ethically no longer means wearing trousers made of woven leaves and wicker sandals (if either of those things ever existed). Now you can dress with style without harming any animals, people or small children. After all, that’s what Beyond Skin is all about: being both glamorous and cruelty-free in one fell swoop. We’ve found other fashion brands with a similar ethos to match up with our beautiful shoes, so you can dress ethically from head to toe. The cherry on the cake is that the shoes we’ve featured are currently discounted until Wednesday 12th August or are in the summer sale, so quids in!

Urban Chic

Numbered Outfit 1

  1. This striking segment of vividness is the Monarch bag in tangerine by GUNAS. It’s got a handful of practical pockets, brass zippers, and comes with a shoulder strap if you wanted to wear it differently. This bag is handcrafted, 100% vegan, and 100% ethically made. Those are very good percentages. GUNAS was started in 2008 by designer, Sugandh G. Agrawal, who has a passion for fashion and animals. The bags are made in India, South Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong and Brazil using small-scale ethical manufacturers and artisans. Four years ago Sugandh set up a studio in India to help artisans develop their skills whilst producing ethical products, giving back to the local community. GUNAS also won the Best Ethical & Cruelty-Free Handbag Brand in the 2012 Ethical Fashion Forum. Well deserved indeed. 
  2. Beyond Skin’s Meave in Black are timeless. The stiletto heels are the height of luxury, made with bespoke Italian fabrics, whilst that cute bow detail on the back of the heel adds elegance. These heels are handmade in Spain with faux vegan suede, breathable faux leather lining and a resin sole. Originally these shoes were £140, but have been reduced to £89 in our summer sale, making that a saving of £51!
  3. Nudie Jeans’ Skinny Lin design are prime examples of top quality denim. As you may remember from our blog on the Observer Ethical Fashion Award, the winners this year were Nudie Jeans, and they use only organic cotton. In these jeans there’s 2% elasticine as they’re skinny fit. Nudie Jeans embody sustainability and slow fashion, so these will be jeans for life, or until you hand them in to your local outlet to be recycled. 
  4. People Tree’s Florence colour block top in beige is made using 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. It masters the art of being smart casual whilst also being thoughtfully made. This design is produced by Assisi Garments, which is a social enterprise in India, so you can rest assured it’s being produced not only responsibly but compassionately. 
  5. Dick Moby’s Ory sunglasses are made using the wonders of science from fully biodegradable acetate. They’re classic sunglasses with a sustainable twist, and we love their retro shape. 

Short & Sweet

Numbered Outfit 2

  1. Urban Originals’ Metal Bow belt with an elastic panel cuts a striking geometric shape, which goes just swell with the metallic detail on the toe of our pink heels. Urban Originals is a cruelty-free brand and all products are environmental and chemical free. 
  2. HoodLamb’s Herringbone shorts have five pockets and are handmade from hemp herringbone twill and organic cotton herringbone, built with durability in mind. Plus, hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use, as it adds nutrients to the soil and requires no chemicals to grow. HoodLamb’s website informs us that hemp clothing keeps the heat in if you’re cold and keeps you cool when you’re hot. Perfect for a tentative British summer then, no? 
  3. Loomstate’s New Warm White Racerback Tank is a summer staple, to be worn with a bikini or bandeau top underneath. This is made from 100% organic cotton, which doesn’t use the chemicals used to grow conventional cotton and creates healthy crops leaving the soil rich with nutrients. This has a knock-on effect meaning that the farmers who grow the cotton are no longer exposed to these chemicals, nor the community surrounding the farm, nor the ecosystem of rainwater and plants. They’re also made in a GOTS certified factory, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard of ecology and social responsibility.
  4. SOLO Eyewear’s Cameroon sunglasses have that classic tortoise shell pattern that goes with any outfit. The temples are made with repurposed bamboo and those lenses will dutifully deliver 100% UV protection for your eyes. SOLO has funded eyecare in Cameroon, so they named these shades after that country. 
  5. Last but by no means least, Beyond Skin’s pink faux suede pointy-toed stilettos. This design is inspired by vintage 20s and 30s art deco, and is crafted from luxury Italian faux suede with metallic faux leather. These beauties were £130 and are now £71, meaning you can get a saving of £59 in our summer sale. That’s one hell of a luxurious bargain. This outfit is ideal for one of our Vegan Holiday Ideas.


Numbered Outfit 3

  1. Proof Eyewear’s Hayburn zebra wood sunglasses are water resistant and have 100 UVA-UVB protection. They’re handmade from sustainably sourced wood, and their website even has a face shape guide to help you pick the best design for you. We particularly liked this design for the earthiness of the wood effect. 
  2. Urban Originals’ Committed black bag with subtle gold studs on the side panels is made from vegan leather, and could easily become your everyday bag. It’s currently on sale at nearly half its original price – bonus! 
  3. People Tree’s Shannon loopback top in navy stripe was £55, but now it’s just £24.30. Made with 100% Fairtrade cotton by the artisans at Assisi Garments, this loose-fitting top would be perfect workwear for when those celsius crank up. 
  4. Beyond Skin’s black faux suede loafer-style slip on would be the ideal shoe for this outfit, and it’s made with our innovative new material that remains watermark-free in rainy weather. That’s awfully handy in this British weather, isn’t it? With code ‘EssentialShoes’ you can also get a 10% discount, and this offer has been extended until Wednesday 12th August. Hurray! 
  5. Kuyichi’s Haily Ice jeans are skinny fit and made with 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified), and the denim was made by Çalik Denim, a Turkish weaving factory with high social and environmental standards. We like this lighter shade of blue to brighten up this look, ideally turned up at the bottom to work with those gorgeous loafers. 
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