For the cover story fashion shoot of August 2015’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, we’re beaming with pride to say that Oscar-award-winning Natalie Portman was wearing Beyond Skin’s Ellen shoes! This shoot is breath-taking in its elegance, and each composition is delicately artistic and surreal. We’re beyond pleased that the stunning Natalie Portman has long been an advocate of Beyond Skin. These photographs are far too opulent to simply glance over them, so we’re going to peruse each one and work a little of our ethical outfit matchmaking and choose more pairs of our luxurious ethical shoes to her other exquisite looks in this shoot.


NP Final - 1 (1)

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

Gazing out of shot with her back to a tranquil sea, Natalie also wears a hot pink dress whipped in the wind, bejewelled ears and a flower in full bloom in her hair: femininity manifest. Of course, we won’t be long drumming our fingers for long thinking what could work with this dress – Natalie is already wearing Beyond Skin in this shot! Our Ellen shoes are handcrafted with luxury Italian fabric, and don an oversized bow on each toe, emanating Natalie’s flourishing flower. This design is available in red, white and black, and the black Ellen is currently in the summer sale, so Lady Luck is smiling on you!

At the Wheel

NP Final - 2

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

This shot oozes decadence, as Natalie sits in the driver’s seat of a classic car that belongs on the silver screen. Her hair sits in full sculpted curls reminiscent of the 1930s, and coupled with her ruby red lips, this look is the epitome of chic. The Beyond Skin shoes we thought might best accompany this look are the Autumn platform court shoes. They’re vintage-inspired and the Italian print is met with an art deco metallic detail on the toe and heel. The platform is a modern twist on a retro style, and the cream matches perfectly with Natalie’s look in this shot. These shoes are currently in the summer sale: they were £159, and have been reduced to £125. ‘Luxury’ and ‘bargain’ are normally mutually exclusive terms, but certainly not in this case! If your size is out of stock, click on the ‘Size Out of Stock?’ tab directly underneath the photo on the product page, and we’ll notify you when they’re back, for sure.

Floral Finesse

NP Final - 5

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

Clutching a full bouquet of delicate roses, Natalie wears a dress decorated in floral patterns, and is laden with plush hair clips and earrings. The glitter of the jewellery mirrors the metallic detail on the dress, and this is what inspired our choice of the best Beyond Skin shoes to match this outfit. Our Zoe design has a silver T-bar, and its intricate straps weave in to a V-shaped pattern around the foot. It has a small platform and a stiletto heel, and is also part of our bridal collection. As with all of our shoes, Zoe is 100% vegan and vegetarian and expertly handmade in Alicante, Spain.

Pretty in Pink

NP Final - 3

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

Lounging on these marble steps in the sunshine, Natalie Portman is wearing a dress embellished with jewels and two thick neat bows. She also looks out amongst two lush flowers, and you might notice that this is the shot used for the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar (see below). We thought that our simple Bessy flats would compliment this outfit, mimicking the neat bows from the dress. As they’re in a nude colour, they’d blend with the dress’s pastel tones a treat. They have a classic almond toe and are made from faux patent leather, so no animals were harmed in the making of these cute flats.


NP Final - 1

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

With a heavy collared coat hanging off her shoulders, this pure pink look has unbridled sophistication. We selected Emily, our nude faux patent stilettos for the occasion. With a small bow at the heel and a classic peep toe, this design matches her look for its grandeur and grace. These heels are made with Italian faux patent leather, in a pastel tone that neighbours that of her fine attire in the spectrum.

La Vie Parisienne

NP Final - 4

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

Natalie looks ever the Parisian in this shot, and she did move to Paris last year, so perhaps she’s been practising. The dress she wears is printed, pleated and loose. As this dress is beautifully floral, we thought a similarly feminine shoe would work best with it: May, our cream and gold stiletto sandals. Made with faux patent leather, this design is vintage-inspired, so would be the perfect match for this look steeped in timeless French style. A new delivery of these shoes are arriving next week, so make sure you stock up while stocks last, won’t you?

NP Final - 6

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar US, August 2015, available here:]

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