Your winter outfits will inevitably be dominated by your coat; it’s a garment that you’ll live in for almost half a calendar, so you have to choose real good. It pays off dividends to have a rock-steady coat that’s got your back in a thunderstorm. If you’re searching for a cruelty-free wardrobe, the main thing to watch out for with coats is wool, and it’s worth still double checking for fur, as it’s sadly not yet fully eradicated. So to make your search for vegan coats that little bit easier, we’ve found a selection of 100% vegan coats to keep you warm, along with some top class luxury vegan shoes to go with them. Ethical outfit matchmaking is all we think about, so here’s the winter update of our latest looks. You’re welcome!

Pure Luxury

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[Images: Stella McCartney and Beyond Skin]

First up, let’s start with some unbridled opulence. After all, it is Monday, and it needs a bit of luxury to make it more palatable, doesn’t it?

  1. Fur Free Fur Short Thelma Coat, Stella McCartney, £1380. This entirely cruelty-free coat is chocked full of sophistication. Nothing emanates the style of the 1920s more than a decadent faux fur coat, perhaps worn over a glittery embroidered dress and possibly worn when getting out of a chauffeured car (a girl can dream, can’t she?)
  2. Gwyneth Red Court Shoe, Beyond Skin, £155. These darlings are worthy of just being displayed on a velvet cushion for people to come and admire. With their delicate Mary Jane strap across the ankle and their luxury Italian fabric upper, it’s impossible not to fall in love with these stiletto heels. What’s more, you get £20 off if you pre-order these shoes. Heaven!
  3. Grace Red Court Shoe, Beyond Skin, £155. If glamour was an object, they’d be these shoes. Just look at that sparkly detail on the buckle! This time the Mary Jane strap is over the toes, so the choice is entirely yours between these and the Gwyneth style. (£20 discount if you pre-order on these heels as well. Bonus!)
  4. May Red and Gold Sandal, Beyond Skin, £155. These show-stopping sandals are made with entirely vegan leather, and we love their elegant slingback strap. £20 discount is up for grabs if you pre-order again. High five.
  5. Ellen High Court Bow-Toed Shoes, Beyond Skin, £130. I love telling the story behind these heels. Made with luxury Italian fabric and a faux suede oversized bow detail, these drop dead gorgeous shoes have long been a favourite. Then, for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar in the US, Academy-award-winning superstar actress Natalie Portman wore these cute heels for the cover shoot! We’re beyond pleased to have such top notch coverage. Snap up your pair while stocks last, dolls!

Debonair Daywear

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[Images: Beyond Skin, Vaute Couture and People Tree]

Next, here’s your super comfortable outfits that’ll make you best equipped to deflect that wind and rain.

  1. Misty Camel Faux Sheepskin Boots, Beyond Skin, £199. These autumn-proof boots were designed with comfort in mind. It’s up to you how you wear it: turned up, rolled down once, or rolled down twice, but either way that precious warmth won’t be compromised. Our faux suede is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, so it’s certainly ticking the sustainability box. Plus, not only does it not watermark like real suede does, but it’s also water resistant. Perfect for British weather!
  2. The Traveler in V/Velveteen in Dolphin, Vaute Couture, £177.61 including postage. Vaute Couture are based in the US, but they have such a glorious collection of vegan coats that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. This coat is made in New York using 100% recycled fibres and lined with 100% recycled closed-loop zero waste windproof ripstop. There are only a few left of this design, so hurry to snap up yours, won’t you?
  3. Farah Camel Faux Sheepskin Over-The-Knee Boots, £250. I will genuinely never tire of talking about these beautiful boots. They can be paired with skinny jeans or tights, and they’re lined with faux sheepskin to keep in that all-important warmth, all whilst being downright gorgeous. Such a multi-tasker.
  4. Drop Shoulder Jacket in Beige, People Tree, £85. This coat is made with 100% organic certified cotton by the skilled artisans of Assisi Garments, which is a social enterprise in India. This bold cut would go well with some dark jeans and our Farah boots, don’t you think?

Smarter than Casual

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Now for some shoes and coats that work for both a formal office situation and the bar after work.

  1. Muffin Faux Fur Coat, Shrimps, £455. Shrimps were our absolute favourite at London Fashion Week this month for sporting fabulous faux fur. Their gorgeous coats are in step with the recent research by PETA that 80% of designers at London Fashion Week are now fur free, so progress is certainly being made to make fashion more cruelty-free. It is a common misconception that vegan fashion isn’t as glamorous, but clearly Shrimps has the same ethos as we do at Beyond Skin in making ethical fashion without scrimping on style. This cropped jacket has a subtle glass button detail, and it’s certainly suitable for the office and the evening.
  2. Shelley Silver Flat Court Shoes, Beyond Skin, £79. These slip-ons are so on trend right now that we only have one left. Not to worry though: if you select the ‘Size Out of Stock?’ tab, then we’ll notify you as soon as they’re back in stock.
  3. Kate Black Flat Loafer, Beyond Skin, £99. These live-in loafers were featured in the Daily Mail, and they’re made with that incredible sustainable faux suede. These shoes can’t be beaten for versatility, that’s for sure.
  4. Fair+True Fair Trade Vegan Cocoon Coat, Fashion Conscience, £70. We like this coat for its bold colour and its even bolder collar. Best matched with those loafers for the perfect balance of loudness versus simplicity.
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