Faux sheepskin and faux fur are very highly ranked for their coldness-shielding powers during the winter months. One of the most exciting things about working in vegan fashion is that there is always a brand new innovative alternative material just around the corner. It’s genuinely like a treasure hunt. With new materials being used by the likes of Pamela Anderson, Stella McCartney and Beyond Skin, there are now more ways you can keep your wardrobe cruelty-free. Here’s our latest treasure from the world of vegan fashion…

Pammies by Pamela Anderson

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[Images modified. Originals courtesy of Pammies]

The news on every vegan fashionista’s lips of late is that actress and long-time animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is bringing out not one, but two vegan footwear lines! This comes as very welcome news indeed to us at Beyond Skin, because we love people spreading awareness of the materials used in footwear and working with alternative materials to create 100% cruelty-free shoes.

Pamela Anderson’s own footwear line is called Pammies, designed to be animal-friendly versions of UGG boots. UGGs are made using real sheepskin and wool. As a vegan avoiding all animal products, Pamela was not at all impressed with this revelation, especially as people often attributed the rise of the UGG boot to her wearing them in her Baywatch days. As the perfect antidote to that association, Anderson has made three super comfy boots made with faux sheepskin so she can wear these to the beach instead.

They’re called The Cove Classic, The Zuma and The Malibu, which are linked to her favourite beaches in Los Angeles. What’s more, they’re made using faux sheepskin, innovatively made from recycled electronics. Scientist folk are clever, aren’t they? Turning spiky metal tangles of wires into super soft and warm boots must surely involve the use of actual magic. So not only do these boots get a gold star for animal rights, but also for their sustainability credentials.

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[Images modified. Originals courtesy of Amélie Pichard]

Pamela Anderson has been very busy working on creating vegan fashion, as she’s also worked with French designer Amélie Pichard to create more vegan shoes and accessories, announced this month. Pamela Anderson has long been a source of inspiration for Pichard, and they both fight for animal rights. This collection is totally vegan, using materials such as denim, raffia (fibres from the leaves of the raffia palm tree) and cherry metallic faux leather. It’s great news to see more high end designers and celebrities working on designer vegan fashion collections together.

Stella McCartney’s #FurFreeFur Campaign

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[Images modified. Originals courtesy of Stella McCartney & The Sartorialist]

Multiple-award-winning Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian and has always worked to incorporate sustainable and cruelty-free materials into her designer fashion label. We dig her brand ethos of being a responsible, honest and modern company, with a keen social awareness.

In August this year, Stella McCartney discovered that the lambs and sheep at one of her wool suppliers were being abused, and so she swiftly announced that she would cut all ties with this supplier. In the wake of this revelation, McCartney also said that she will be delving deep into research of synthetic wool, which is a very exciting prospect and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what materials she discovers. That’ll be some vegan fashion treasure for a future blog post!

In the past Stella has created faux sheepskin boots just like Pamela, but the current faux material Stella is focusing on is #FurFreeFur. Stella began this particular campaign when she showcased her AW15 collection at Paris Fashion Week in March this year, and it’s certainly won our approval. This faux fur material is made of 100% Modacrylic, known for being soft, resilient, flame-resilient and quick-drying, and my god, it looks cosy to the max. The material lining her bags are made from recycled plastic bottles to boot, so they’re helping the environment as well as the animals.

Adolfo Dominguez‘s Vegan Collection

Adolfo - 1

[Images courtesy of Adolfo Dominguez]

Another designer fashion label using synthetic materials is Adolfo Dominguez. Both this faux fur coat and this faux sheepskin coat is made from 50% acrylic and 50% polyester, and it looks like it guarantees protection against those winter chills. They say that polyester is more sustainable than cotton, so they are definitely keeping an eye on their environmental impact. When we do another Vegan Coats and Vegan Shoes post, we’ll be sure to include these two.

As a brand, they’re committed to avoiding exotic animal skin and fur, but they do use some wool and leather beyond their vegan collection so do keep an eye out. They work hard to do their bit against climate change by using 100% renewable energy in their sales network and central services, so they’re certainly worth checking out.

Beyond Skin’s Faux Sheepskin

Faux Materials Real Fashion - 5

[Images: Beyond Skin]

Our AW15 collection are created from similarly inventive materials. Our faux sheepskin boots are water (and wind) resistant, and are totally 100% vegan. Their faux suede upper is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles which doesn’t watermark like real suede does, and they’re lined with cruelty-free fluffy faux shearling. All in all, they get top marks for both comfort and style. With those chunky heels and sturdy resin soles, these boots can definitely hold their own in drizzly weather. They can be pre-ordered right this second for a discount to boot (no pun intended).

We’re always on the hunt for new progressive materials to make our gorgeous ethical shoes with, along with our sustainable faux suede, our PU (polyutherane) faux leather and our polyester satins. We’ve also recently found a PU material that’s made from 100% recycled PU, so we’ll be incorporating this into our next collection. Exciting news, isn’t it?

One day in the future, sustainable fashion will simply be called fashion. We’re super proud to be working alongside these other luxury fashion brands who are on the same journey as us.

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