Bonfire Night still makes me feel like a kid. My memories are marinated in nostalgia: wrapping up warm fully equipped with weather-prevention apparatus, getting burnt cheeks at the fire, making increasingly ridiculous ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at the fireworks, and then going home to a jacket potato and a hot chocolate. Dayum, it just doesn’t get better than that. So, I’ve created a full vegan Bonfire Night Kit to enhance the experience, along the same lines as our Festival Survival Kit post. Enjoy!

1: A Hardcore Umbrella

Bonfire - 1 (1)

[Image courtesy of Seasalt]

First up: the brolly. It’s a must-have for any journey outside from now until next summer (or maybe just forever, in the UK). I’m a big believer in investing in a good solid umbrella that can handle itself in a gust, because they last longer and you can use them as a cane when you walk, like a forthright Victorian gentleman. And what better umbrella than the Storm Stopper Brolly from Seasalt. It comes with a handy shoulder strap so you can sling it over your shoulder, once you’re done using it as a cane. Seasalt is an ethical fashion brand based in Cornwall, and when possible they make their products locally. Like us, they’re always on the hunt for recycled or sustainable alternative materials, and they make every effort to be a socially responsible business. Kudos, Seasalt!

2: A Chunky Jumper

Bonfire - 3

[Images courtesy of Braintree, Peta & Nasty Gal]

Secondly, you have to have some solid knitwear to buffer those chills. The blue roll neck is made with 100% organic cotton by Braintree, and by God that looks cosy. Braintree are a natural clothing company born in Australia and now based in London, dedicated to using sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment. Sugary sweet. Then there’s the chunky knit jumper from Vaute Couture, made with recycled yarn from industrial waste cotton in a way that creates no waste. For the eagle-eyed among you, you might have noticed that this model is also rocking Beyond Skin’s silver Charlie plimsolls! This model was posing for Peta’s first vegan fashion lookbook, and we’re beyond proud to be included. The patterned cardigan on the end is made with acrylic, and while this model should perhaps not go to a British Bonfire Night in those shorts, this cardigan is yet more proof that vegan fashion can be sexy. To complete the look, I’d pair this cardigan with our knee-high camel Farah boots of course!

3: Multiple Pairs of Big Fluffy Socks

Bonfire - 4

[Images courtesy of Braintree]

Boots’ best friends are lovely cosy socks. I’ve been known to wear multiple pairs on Bonfire Night, so if anything, my feet are too warm. Otherwise I run the risk of trying to walk with two blocks of ice for feet and have to defrost them once I’m home, which takes up too much precious time. These socks are all 100% vegan, with the fluffiest made from 98% recycled polyester, and the knee-high socks made with 75% bamboo and 17% organic cotton, both by Braintree. They’re also fantastic value for money for such ethically produced socks, both being under a tenner. Not bad!

4: Mmm, Boots

Bonfire - 6

Boots are definitely the footwear of choice on Bonfire Night. Our faux sheepskin boots would go a treat with Braintree’s socks, and they’re lined with faux shearling, reaching epic levels cosiness. It’s like being in bed but from the knee down. And just how often does such cosiness overlap with sexiness like in these knee-high boots? The faux suede upper is water resistant and won’t watermark like real suede, which is a bonus! Or perhaps you’d prefer our black faux leather riding boots, the perfect match for skinny jeans, which are also water resistant. Whichever you choose, you could win £100 credit at Beyond Skin in our Pin to Win competition in honour of #WorldVeganDay! The lucky winner will be announced on Monday 30th November. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow Beyond Skin on Pinterest and repin this competition pin to a board called ‘Beyond Skin Pin to Win Luxury Vegan Shoes’
  2. Pin a minimum of 5 of your favourite styles from our website to your board
  3. Confirm your entry with a comment under our original contest pin with a link to your board
  4. Fingers, toes and paws crossed for luck!

5: Hats & Scarves

Bonfire - 2

[Images courtesy of Fashion Conscience, Shrimps, People Tree & Nasty Gal]

The final bit of getting ready to go out on Bonfire Night is rummaging through the hats and scarves to find the most weather-proof combination. It can be tricky to find winter accessories that aren’t made with wool, so luckily we’ve got a selection here for you to choose from that are 100% wool-free. I thought I’d cater to all tastes, from the very simple black or white scarves to the bold and vibrant faux fur. Take your pick!

  1. Fair+True Unique Fair Trade Vegan Faux Fur Bobble Hat, Fashion Conscience, Poly Fabric and Faux Fur Bobble, £10
  2. Fair+True Sustain Vegan Wide Yak Wool Effect Shawl, Fashion Conscience, Acrylic, Cotton & Polyester, £29
  3. Marnie Scarf, Shrimps, Faux Fur, £185
  4. Moss Scarf, Shrimps, Faux Fur, £185
  5. Tuck Knit Scarf in Black, People Tree, Organic Cotton, £65
  6. Tuck Knit Scarf in Winter White, People Tree, Organic Cotton, £65
  7. Fringe with Benefits Infinity Scarf, Nasty Gal, Acrylic, £24.67

6: Vegan Hot Chocolate

Bonfire - 5

[Images courtesy of Holland & Barrett]

Nothing compares to a hot chocolate after Bonfire Night. Just thinking about this hot chocolate is making me want to go outside and get cold so I can really feel the benefit. Green & Black’s is 100% organic made using Fair Trade ingredients, and it’s available at the Ethical Superstore. You can even pop in some vegan marshmallows to soak up the chocolatey goodness.

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