Winter is notorious for its flagrant disregard for feet. From tip-toeing on ice-paved streets to undertaking arduous Christmas shopping treks, your winter feet get the short straw. Giving them an extra dose of TLC will help keep your feet ship shape, and see you through all the way to sandal season. And with more vegan foot care, vegan socks and (ahem) vegan shoes out there, it’s never been easier to have happy cruelty-free feet. Pair these products up with our recommended vegan skin and haircare products, and you’ve effectively beaten winter.

Exfoliating Your Winter Feet

Exfoliating your feet revitalises them by revealing new skin, making them soft and supple. It’s recommended that you let your feet soak for 20 minutes in warm (not hot) water and towel-dry them before exfoliating. Pumice stones are super handy tools for exfoliation, as well as foot scrubs and creams. This vegan and cruelty-free Pumice Power by Lush is only £3.25, and will help you scrub away tough skin on your feet. It’s enriched with zesty orange oil to refresh your feet, and soothing coconut oil to soften your winter feet. If you exfoliate in a circular motion, this should also help warm up your feet if they’re still feeling icy-cold.

Towel-Dry Those Toes

Drying in between every toe not only tickles but also can help keep your feet healthy. A toasted fluffy towel should do the trick, and we recommend this 100% organic cotton towel from Greenfibres, certified by the Soil Association, no less.

Moisturising Your Winter Feet

Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes Beauty Cruelty Free

Image courtesy of Pai Skincare

Next, it’s time to whip out the cream. Moisturising is the yin to exfoliation’s yang. Not only is it the next stepping stone to getting back those soft feet from summertime, but it’s also mighty relaxing to do. Cue Pai’s Calming Body Cream. Dubbed as intensely hydrating, this cream was made with dry skin in mind. The calendula and comfrey encourage skin regeneration, complementing the exfoliation. There’s extra plant oils and butters in the mix to moisturise your feet to the max. This cream is £22, and Pai is registered with The Vegan Society (just like us – snap!).

Winter Nails

Refreshing your nail varnish on those toes is a good way to give your nails a breather. After all, they do spend a large chunk of time swathed in sometimes multiple pairs of socks. Butter London is entirely cruelty-free and their vegan Nail 999 Rescue System is just what the doctor ordered. These polishes are fortified with vitamins and proteins to keep up your nail’s strength in these tough winter months. It offers instant relief to dry brittle nails, so it’s worth having this kit up your sleeve for a (literal) rainy day. They recommend to apply the base coat and top coat every other day, and then remove after three applications so you can start over.

Snug Socks

Image courtesy of Braintree

Now you’ve completed the full feet-pampering session, you can slip those tootsies into warm socks. The advice from experts is to make sure your socks aren’t too tight, as the cold weather reduced blood flow to your feet as it is. It’s also worth making sure that if you’re wearing big socks, your shoes are big enough so as not to squash those toes, for the same reason. When choosing sustainable socks, going to Braintree is a no-brainer. Their Yuku Fairisle Bamboo Socks are breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is very handy indeed. They’re made with 75% bamboo, which is one of the most renewable resources in the world.

Treat Your Winter Feet To A Pedicure

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to treat yourself. It’s only sensible when you’re faced with the stresses of Christmas, anyhow. In Brighton, you can book yourself in for a 100% vegan pedicure at The Final Nail. It’s hard to think of a reason not to.

Luxurious Vegan Winter Boots

Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes Boots Faux Sheepskin Farah Misty

And now on to the most important of them all: choosing your shoes. You’ll need sturdy shoes to protect you from the elements, that are resistant to water with a warm and fluffy lining to keep in the heat, which just happen to be the characteristics of our winter boots! Our Misty faux sheepskin boots have a chunky heel with a sole tread for extra grip, while our Farah over-the-knee boots won’t only warm up your feet but your legs as well! Some sizes are still in stock and others can be preordered. After following all these steps to looking after your feet and then slipping on a pair of our quality vegan boots, you’ll feel ready to take on whatever the weather throws at you.

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