New Year’s Eve is the ultimate chance to get glammed up in cruelty free fashion. It’s the moment your wardrobe has been waiting for; there’s finally a reason to don your finest, boldest and glitziest clothes and shoes to join in the global revelry. In our Cruelty-Free Christmas Party Looks, we focused on warm gold colours and deep reds. For New Year’s, we’re focusing on sleek cuts and cool metallics, to add kindling to the fire of your own outfit-planning. All of the vegan jewellery, dresses, bags and shoes are exclusively chosen from luxury ethical and vegan fashion brands, priding themselves on high quality, conscientious production and red hot style.

Midnight Shimmer

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Boots Heels Lexie Stilettos Black

Images modified. Originals courtesy of Vaute Couture, Viva Creatures & Cred Jewellery

  1. Oliver Gown, Midnight Satin, Vaute Couture, £330.48. The deep V-neck is bang on trend this season, and makes this an edgy twist on the classic gown. It’s made with vegan satin, created from 100% recycled plastic bottles pulled from an Italian river, and sewn in New York City. Vaute is right at the forefront of luxury cruelty free fashion, so do check out their other wares.
  2. Viking Clutch, Viva Creatures, £72.66. The fold-over bag is also a hot trend, but Viva Creatures have their own original take on it, with midnight blue vegan suede accents. An invisible magnetic disc holds the bag closed while tucked under your arm. Magic.
  3. Multi-Strand Bangle, Recycled Silver, Cred Jewellery, £51.00. This bangle by Cred is made by their partners the Harigni Cooperative in Nepal. The colour of the silver is cool and would complement the deep blue hues of the dress. Plus, you could totally wear this every day with every outfit you ever wear forever and ever. If anything, it’s an investment.
  4. Lexie, Black Stilettos, Beyond Skin, £99.00. This heels are the shoe-equivalent of the Little Black Dress. Made with vegan leather, these stilettos are the heels this dress needs to add more height and make your legs look never-ending. The pointed toe mimics the slanted lines of the clutch, tying this outfit together.

Vintage Glamour

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Grace Damask Stilettos Court Diamonte

Images modified. Originals courtesy of KinetIQue, Reformation & Jill Milan

  1. Whiskey Dress, Aubergine, Reformation, £130.83. Everything from the subdued purple hue, the cut-out neckline and the puff shoulders of this dress is retro to the max. I love the understated elegance of the fit, with the shoulders balanced by the A-line skirt. It’s made of Lenzing viscose, a fibre made from tree pulp and other renewable plant material, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Great for a party and good for the planet. Kudos, Reformation.
  2. Art Deco Clutch, Silver, Jill Milan, £1123.06. This gorgeous clutch is handmade by an Italian artisan in Florence, made by household luxury vegan fashion brand, Jill Milan. This bag oozes grandeur.
  3. Constance IQ Diamond Earrings, KinetIQue, £625.00. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy £625 diamond earrings for yourself just before Christmas. I am suggesting you write a very courteous letter to Father Christmas in the hope that he might bring you one (if you’ve been well behaved). Really, I’m using this as an opportunity to rave about this incredible company that I discovered earlier this year. Diamond-mining can be damaging in terms of humanitarian conflict and the environment. That’s why KinetIQue create their own diamonds artificially, which are optically identical to mined diamonds, whilst avoiding the greenhouse emissions, water and air pollution. Just look at those beauties! I couldn’t tell the difference myself. Amazing.
  4. Grace, Black Court Stilettos, Beyond Skin, £155.00. Grace by name, graceful by nature. The glitz on your ears matches the diamanté buckle on the delicate Mary-Jane strap across the toes. The luxury Italian fabric is vintage-inspired, in-fitting with the style of the dress. Sophisticated shoes for the discerning fashionista.

Party Girl Next Door

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Boots Heels Molly Mary Janes MaryJanes

Images modified. Originals courtesy of Vaute Couture, Jill Milan & Cred Jewellery

  1. Pema Party Dress, Eggplant, Vaute Couture, £199.72. This backless halter dress is the epitome of cute, with a fully structured skirt. Once again, it’s made with 100% recycled vegan fibres to create this satin material. Super sweet.
  2. Large Feather Pendant, Recycled Silver, Cred Jewellery, £192.00. The feather pendent is 8.5cm long, so will take centre stage on the bust of the dress. The symbol of the feather is no stranger to fashion, and in this particular outfit it gives some detail to an otherwise simplistic look.
  3. New Canaan Clutch, Silver, Jill Milan, £297.12. This clean cut clutch shimmers in the light, which is exactly what a bag on New Year’s Eve should do. It’s made with Italian vegan satin in Florence, and I can see this working with a whole range of other outfits. Cruelty free fashion at its finest.
  4. Molly, Black Mary-Jane Heels, Beyond Skin, £125.00. Shucks, I am just bowled over by how adorable these heels are. Paired with 15 denier tights to make the strap stand-out, these heels were made for cute skirts like Vaute’s.

Geometric Goddess

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Boots Heels Izzy Pewter Mary Janes Mary Jane

Images modified. Originals courtesy of Stella McCartneyJill Milan & Cred Jewellery

  1. Black Jersey Chain Dress, Stella McCartney, £630.00. This sculpted dress is embroidered with a delicate silver chain, and one side and sleeve is made with transparent mesh, so it’s a subtle twist on the Little Black Dress. Cutting edge fashion.
  2. Twisted Hex Hoop Earrings, Recycled Silver, Cred Jewellery, £50.00. Carrying on the subtle geometric theme are these sleek hoop earrings, angular but pretty all at once.
  3. Pacific Heights Clutch, Jill Milan, £141.87. This is an oversized clutch made with vegan fashionistas in mind. The point is highlighted with palladium-coated handmade brass hardware and it has a chain shoulder strap, so it complements the silver chain on the dress. Trés chic!
  4. Izzy, Pewter Mary-Janes, Beyond Skin, £115.00. The colour of these courts are just mesmerising. We’re head over heels in love with the retro block mid heel and pointed toes. These slick shoes have New Year’s Eve written all over them (metaphorically speaking).

Diamond Diva

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Boots Heels Molly Gold Mary Janes

Images modified. Originals courtesy of KinetIQue, Reformation & Stella McCartney

  1. Jolene Jumpsuit, Black, Reformation, £170,24. There’s that plunging neckline again, a classic of AW15 fashion. The flared trousers contrast with the fitted waist and belt. We love the vertical lines of this jumpsuit, making it all the more stylish.
  2. Layna, IQ Diamond Pendant, KinetIQue, £875.00. That neckline would be the perfect frame for a piece of ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery, that also happens to be drop dead gorgeous. Santa baby, hurry down the chimney…
  3. Falabella Shaggy Deer Tiny Fold Over Tote, Stella McCartney, £525.00. This beautifully embellished bag is made from cruelty-free materials, and the ‘diamonds’ are made from ruthenium. We heart glitz, so this clutch makes it to the top of our cruelty free fashion wish list.
  4. Molly, Gold Mary-Janes, Beyond Skin, £125.00. The jumpsuit needed some stand-out shows, and these metallic Mary-Janes and their block heel are perfect for the job. A classic shoe in a modern colour. Swish!

Why Cruelty Free Fashion is Important

As well as there being a smorgasbord of gorgeous dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery to choose from, buying cruelty free fashion is a vitally important way to change the world. As sustainability expert Anna Lappe said, every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

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