Today (Tuesday 22nd) is the last chance to order your luxury vegan shoes!

The countdown draws to a close; it’s only 3 sleeps until Christmas! No doubt these last few days will be a blur of shop queues, wrapping paper and receipts. One of the best things about internet shopping is that you can do it from the comfort of your own living room, blissfully free from the crowds. Today (Tuesday 22nd December 2015) is the last day for posting luxury vegan and vegetarian shoes from Beyond Skin in the UK, so if you’re treating a friend or relative (or yourself) to designer shoes this Christmas, get clicking!

We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas

In these last few days leading up to Christmas, there is still time to make green choices to limit the inevitable environmental impact of the festive season. Of course, organising Christmas is pretty stressful as it is, but even if you tick one off of this list, it’s still an admirable achievement. We’ve already covered our long list of ethical Christmas gift ideas, so these are last minute quick fixes for a very green Christmas.

1. Ethical Last Minute Christmas Gifts

One way to make sure your loved one gets exactly what they want this Christmas is to buy them vouchers. These gifts can often be bought at the last minute, so you still have time! You could buy them ethical fashion vouchers for Beyond Skin, People Tree or Vaute Couture, ethical jewellery vouchers for Cred Jewellery,  vegan restaurants like Manna or Food for Friends, or a subscription to Vegan Life magazine.

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Heels Boots Gift Certificate Vouchers Lucy Monk Izzy Molly

2. Buy USB Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries and Christmas go together like salt and pepper, especially if you’re buying for kiddly winks. Jessica Aldred explains that batteries contain toxic chemicals, are not biodegradable and are hard to recycle, so she recommends buying batteries of the rechargeable ilk.

3. Recycle your Christmas cards and wrapping paper

Wrapping paper accounts for 8,000 tonnes of waste each year – the same as 50,000 trees, Australian Ethical says. You can either pop all the cards into the recycling after removing any glittery decorations, or reuse the prettiest of cards to make them into gift tags, postcards or bookmarks. Keep an eye out on the high street and in supermarkets in January for card collection points, and you’ll be one step closer to a green Christmas.

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Heels Boots Recycle

4. Bring Shopping Bags With You

Since the 5p charge was introduced on 5th October this year, the whole country has been cutting back on plastic bags, which is tip top news. Whilst we all may be in the habit of bringing bags with us for food shopping, it takes that extra slice of organisation to remember to bring those bags shopping for gifts (as I have discovered in the past!). Coming armed with reusable bags is a vital step to achieving a green Christmas.

Christmas Gifts

[Image courtesy of Huffington Post]

5. Give Unwanted Gifts to Charity

The Charities Aid Foundation found that £2.1billion was spent on unwanted gifts in 2012. Sometimes you just know that you won’t ever get round to using a present, so giving a brand new gift to a charity shop would be a helping hand. Children’s toys can be gifted to a children’s ward in a hospital, book gifted to a library or a school, and clothes to a local homeless shelter. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Huffington Post Gift

[Image courtesy of Huffington Post]

What’s in store next year…

The ultimate green Christmas gift for us is the news that our linings will now all be more planet-friendly. In our continuous hunt for high quality vegan materials for our shoes, we’ve discovered a PU (polyutherane) that is made from 100% recycled PU with a plant derived polymer for a faux leather finish, which we’ll be launching throughout our ranges in Spring 2016! Finding new sustainable and evermore eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials is one of the most exciting things about creating brand new cutting edge ethical fashion, so we’re pleased to the extreme to be using this new PU next year.

You’ll hear from us again next week when we look back over our 2015 highlights, but until then…

x-x-x A Very Merry Christmas from Beyond Skin x-x-x

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Heels Boots

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