January is upon us. #BackToWorkBlues is even trending on Twitter. You might even be tempted to play Radiohead on repeat for the entire month. But before you do, let me put it to you a different way. You made it out of bed this morning, and that’s a commendable achievement already. Plus, there are many hidden treasures within January for you to unlock, if you just scratch beneath the surface. Here’s our collection of the secret joys of January, to help you deal with your Christmas withdrawal symptoms.


Veganuary is a swell time for all manner of folk. If you’re a meat-eater, then you’ll be discovering just how sumptuous vegan food can be, and exploring ever corner of the internet finding new vegan recipes. If you’re a vegetarian, and are familiar with vegan cooking, perhaps this January you’ll be sampling the delights of vegan chocolate, cakes and chocolate cakes. And if you’re already vegan, then this is the perfect opportunity to welcome others to the lifestyle of veganism, and give them helpful hints on what to get, where to look and what to watch out for. Veganuary might be the start of someone’s lifelong veganism; who knows. If it is, then one book to recommend to newly vegan pals is How To Be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria. It’s friendly, funny and useful to the max.

January Sales

There’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy and a regeneration of your wardrobe to give you a spring in your step. And that’s where we come in: in the Beyond Skin sale, you can save up to 30% on selected shoes and boots, so the question is, why not? Perhaps you’re searching for winter-proof boots, such as our Jane riding boots (featured in the Metro just before Christmas in their top 13 Luxe Leather Fashion Items You’ll Never Believe Are Suitable For Vegans) with £40 off in the sale. Or some sharp new work shoes, like Lucy, our pewter brogues, £36 cheaper in the sale. Or maybe cute slippers like our Bumble Bee shoes, with £25 off in the sale. The possibilities are endless.

Dryathlon 2016

Cancer Research UK is sponsoring a January Dryathlon, which involves (brace yourself) going one month without alcohol. You can go solo or start a team of Dryathletes together with your buddies. You can even change your Facebook cover photo to the official Cancer Research Dryathlon banner to champion the cause. Top tips for fundraising even more for Cancer Research include: having an empty pint glass on your desk to rack up some spare change; being the designated driver and collecting tips; or organising a mocktail night and charge people a donation on entry. Not only will you end January having completed a good deed, but you’ll also be feeling f-f-fresh.

A Night on the Town

Beyond Skin Vegan Vegetarian Shoes Boots Heels Lucy Pewter Brogues

Images courtesy of People Tree, Wilby, Beyond Skin & Cred Jewellery

So you’ve stocked up on discounted ethical fashion, you’re helping those trying Veganuary and you’ve given up the booze for a good cause. The next logical step is surely to celebrate your achievements on one special day that combines all of these treats in one. So here’s a plan for a January-style night out. Venue: Redemption, London’s first vegan & alcohol-free bar, the ideal environment to, as they put it, ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’. You can let your hair down on a night out with friends and then get out of bed the next morning easy squeezy. As you know, we’re awfully fond of picking and choosing outfits. Before in our NYE 2016! post, the theme was decadent glamour. In humble January, our theme is clean, pure simplicity.

  • Keisha Knitted Dress, People Tree, £85.00 £59.00. Sweet and simple, this organic cotton dress in winter white emanates how angelic you’ll feel after an entire month of alcohol abstinence.
  • Lucy Pewter Brogues, Beyond Skin, £135.00 £99.00. The modern pewter upper combined with the classic brogue design gives a subtle hint of everyday glamour to this look.
  • Black Bailey Saddle Bag, Wilby, £80.00 £70.00. This black vegan bag is made from cork leather, so is super sustainable and chic in one fell swoop.
  • Star Of Nature Acorn Pendant with Smokey Quartz, Cred Jewellery, £149.00 £111.75. This rose gold plated necklace from ethical jewellers Cred is imbued with the same warmth as the pewter brogues, and mimics the simplicity of the dress.

By the time you get to January 31st, your wallet will be happy, your body will be happy, your mates will be happy and your wardrobe will be positively ecstatic. Now that doesn’t sound like the most depressing month of the year, does it?

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