After visiting Sicily earlier this year and researching the vegan treats they have on offer there, I’ve since learned about a new Sicilian vegan chocolate brand that’s already hit the shelves of delis in the UK. Allow me to introduce you to Barocco Choco, bringing an air of rustic authenticity to the realms of vegan chocolate.

Chocolate bar range

Barocco Choco is made in the Baroque town Modica in the south of Sicily, a historical city which has been renowned for its chocolate tradition for centuries. They use an ancient Aztec recipe that was brought to Sicily in the 17th century, gleaning the wisdom of the past masters. It looks and tastes totally different to regular chocolate, with a matte appearance and a crunchy texture. The ingredients list is minimalist, with only ground cocoa beans, a small amount of sugar and either real spice or natural fruit, depending on the flavour. All of the ingredients are fair-trade and sourced from ethical plantations from across the globe. Their ingredients are cold-worked, which retains a high proportion of the nutrition too, giving you all the more reason to tuck in. Because Barocco Choco stays true to the original recipe and uses only pure high quality ingredients, it has earned the titles organic, fair trade, gluten-free and vegan, which gets a gold star in my books.

There’s a good spread of flavours to choose from too, including chilli, lemon, cinnamon, orange, vanilla and classic dark chocolate. Check out the independent shops up and down the UK that stock this brand so you can try it for yourself, and follow Barocco Choco on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with this stellar vegan chocolate brand.

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