In the past week, there’s been a flurry of vegan brand news, sure to bring a smile to the face of us animal lovers. Fighting for animal rights is a dark and difficult business, so we think it’s all the more important to emphasise and enjoy the victories when they happen. Check out our vegan news round-up from May for more treasure from 2016 to swoon over.

Lead Singer of Paramore Launches Vegan Hair Dye Line


Hayley Williams, lead singer of American rock band Paramore, is officially launching her cruelty-free vegan hair dye line! The new vegan brand, goodDYEyoung “is here, it’s sever, & it’s happening” according to their Facebook page. Hayley Williams is known for the vibrant hues of her barnet, so it seems only right that she should launch a bold and vibrant hair dye brand. “I really can’t wait to paint everyone’s hair in the whole world,” says Hayley. “I can dye happy now!

Willow Cup Indistinguishable From Animal Milk

willow-cup-whipped-latte-2-640x480 vegan brands

Willow Cup has made a big splash in the animal-free milk world, with a brand new line of “dairy indulgences” made entirely from plants. Currently their bottled latté drink only retails in a few shops in San Francisco, with ice creams and coffee creamers appearing in supermarkets in 2017. If all bodes well for this start-up plant-based brand, perhaps they’ll be expanding to our shores. With all the coverage this brand has received in the past week, one thing’s for certain – they’ve certainly hit the ground running.

Obama Administration Bans Slaughtering Downer Calves

The Humane Society of the United States have had a very worthwhile victory in improving the welfare of farm animals. Sadly, cattle too sick, injured or weak to walk to their own slaughter (downed cattle) were being mistreated. The 2009 federal regulation that banned killing downed cattle for human consumption was a good step forward, but sadly it didn’t include downer calves. Now finally the loophole has been closed, so these calves have been saved from further suffering and abuse. This new rule creates a financial incentive for farmers to treat all their calves better. The fight for animal welfare and rights is massive, global and complex, but this particular battle has been won. Well done, Humane Society!

Kat Von D Beauty Launches in UK at Debenhams

Vegan deity Kat Von D’s beauty line will finally be ours, all ours in the UK later this year. Marie Claire broke the news about Kat Von D Beauty exclusively last week, much to the delight of all us cruelty free make up addicts. She’s also recently pledged to reformulate her already mostly vegan make-up line to be totally 100% vegan. Bonus! When her line launches in Debenhams, we’ll have a feast of Tattoo Eyeliners, Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascaras and Interstellar Eyeshadows. The only catch is we have to wait until mid September, but then again, maybe it will take a solid 2 months to choose which of these beautiful vegan beautifiers to buy first.

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