Festival season is in full swing, with more and more of my mates gleefully stacking up their wristbands and going into work on a Monday morning still lightly dusted in glitter, overflowing with tales of their weekends. Here’s our pick of the festivals and our recommended festival fashion pieces, all with an eye on the eco of course. Word on the street is that this season it’s all about that 70s vibe, so it’s all fringe trims, hot pants, flower headdresses, billowing shirts and suede boots (which is where we can help!).


Festival Fashion

Bestival (8th – 11th September) have a killer star-studded line up this year, with The Cure headlining. It’s got the world’s biggest bouncy castle (taller than the Great Wall of China, no less!) and hot tubs, in case you dislike all the awesome music. Run on good vibes and bio-fuel, Bestival is also a green dream. All the food and drink stalls use 100% compostable cups, glasses, knives and forks, and all their office stationary and paper is recycled. Swoon.

Plus, every year after Bestival, the charity Challenge and Adventure collect left over tents and campaign equipment, take it to be washed and fixed by local prisoners as part of their rehabilitation, and then send them to where they are needed. In 2013, 1000 tents went to Uganda, and this year some are being sent to the refugees in Calais. It’s lovely to hear such a smart and resourceful way of reusing what would otherwise be waste after the festival to actually help people in need.

Green Man Festival

Festival Fashion

Another festival with a heart is the Green Man in Wales (18th – 24th August), boasting a sizzling line up with James Blake and Laura Marling. This festival provides work experience to local college students studying for their Film and TV Foundation Degree, plugging in wires and flicking the switches (I’m sure those are the correct technical terms). The Green Man Trust Cafe raises over £10,000 for local causes each and every year, and since 2010 they have raised £250,000 of donations for charities in total. All that and an awesome long weekend? It’s a win-win situation.

But that’s not all. In Einstein’s Garden, all three stages are powered by sustainable energy, which is no mean feat, no siree. Using solar power and hydrogen fuel cells they keep their impact to a minimum totally warrants the ‘Green’ in ‘Green Man’. Mad props to the folks behind the festival.

Viva! Vegan Festival

Festival Fashion

For something a little less musical and a little more delicious, head to Viva! Festival in Brighton on 3rd September. From chocolate to live cookery demos to ready-to-eat tasty vegan treats, this festival has everything your tastebuds desire. Also appearing will be cruelty-free make up brands, which we always love to discover. We’ll be there with our pens behind our ears and a flip notepad writing down all the fresh brands we find and reporting back in a blog to all those who can’t attend. Can. Not. Wait.

Festival-Ready Vegan Boots

Festival Fashion Misty Boots Beyond Skin

Festivals are our Misty boots’ spiritual home. The camel faux suede is denim’s best friend, and they are so gosh darn comfortable that they could easily withstand a day of emphatic dancing to Lovecats. We got a new delivery of Misty boots ready and waiting for you in their boxes, gearing themselves up to be your boot of choice for a wild weekend.

Festival Make Up

Festival Fashion

Barry M’s Dazzle Dust in Electric Blue is twinkletastic, ideally smudged across the eyelids in true camouflage style (or glamouflage, if you will). Their Glitterati nail polish in Starlet pink would bring a sparkle to your fingertips too, and both are totally vegan and cruelty-free.

To read more festival tips for ethical fashionistas, check out our 2015 Festival Survival Kit.

 Images courtesy of Barry M Cosmetics, Bestival, Green Man Festival and Viva! Festival.

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