When I first began planning a brief jaunt to Hamburg with a buddy, I combed the internet for vegan restaurants and added each one meticulously to my Google Maps. Immediately as I made my first step out of the U-Bahn station on to Hamburg soil, I whipped out this vegan treasure map and began my quest for vegan food in Hamburg, sampling the delights of each and every one of these fine establishments (time-permitting). To whom it may concern: please find below a detailed, thorough report of my findings.

Jim Burrito

On the Friday night when we visited, this was a bustling bar teeming with tipsy animated chatter and merry glass-clinking, a large chunk of which I contributed myself. As the night wore on, both seats and standing space grew scarcer, so I would recommend arriving early. Though not an entirely vegan joint, their vegan and veggie options were clearly marked and the barman taking our order was zehr helpful (and generously forgiving of my poor German skills). We sunk our teeth into their seitan burritos and left happy, hiccuping and full.

Loving Hut

Vegan Food in Hamburg

I’m a self-professed Loving Hut aficionado as I’m lucky enough to live within strolling-distance of two Loving Hut restaurants in Brighton, so it was only right to visit their Hamburg eateries too. If you’re not familiar with these guys, they’re an international chain creating all manner of vegan cuisines. We rocked up late on a quiet Sunday night, devouring the “seafood” soup (richly flavoursome) and the sweet and sour “chicken” balls (inevitably tasty) along with their homemade lemonade. An appetising and thoughtfully designed menu for sure.


This entirely vegan restaurant is hidden in the suburbs of Hamburg, but it was more than worth the search. It seems half of Hamburg are in on the secret too, as we only just managed to nab a couple of spare seats on the end of someone else’s table. We ordered two sweet potato and mushroom soups, and we were blown away by just how eye-wideningly scrumptious it was. So much so that my pal and I mutually abandoned our conversation so we could give it our undivided attention, not saying another word until the bowl was spotless. Their menu changes daily, but if their soup is anything to go by, I think they’re good at the food thing. Highly, emphatically recommended.

Even walking through the centre of town, I would spot vegan options on the majority of menus, which gave us so much more freedom when choosing where to eat. Of course my little list is by no means exhaustive, so do read Elegantly Vegan’s Vegan Foodie Guide to Hamburg and Vilda Magazine’s Hamburg, I eat you: a vegan food guide for an altogether more detailed run-down of cruelty-free food in this intriguing corner of the globe. If you’re headed elsewhere in the world, cast your eyes over my Sicilian vegan food finds or my Cambridge vegan eats discoveries.

Images courtesy of Facebook / Jim Burrito’s, Loving Hut, Facebook / Happenpappen

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