We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with WildCrowd, a not-for-profit crowdfunding and volunteering website for animal welfare and conservation charities. They’re offering 20% off any purchase from Beyond Skin when you donate £30 or more to a charity with WildCrowd ♥︎ Founder of WildCrowd Frances writes us a guest blog brimming with insights and advice on how to give to animal charities…

How to Give

If you shop at Beyond Skin, it’s safe to assume you care about animals and, if you’re anything like us, you probably support more than one animal or conservation charity.

Every day there are dozens of appeals tugging at our heart strings and, sadly, it isn’t possible to help them all. So how do you decide? There isn’t a formula for giving but, putting emotion aside for a moment, here are a few things you might want to think about;

Give regularly

The biggest challenge for small and medium sized charities is paying the bills and that’s because it’s much easier to fundraise for a sick animal or a new nature reserve than it is to raise money keep the lights on and pay the wages. Regular, monthly donations are a lifeline because they give charities the stability they need to get on with the day job without constantly worrying about running out of money.

Spare a thought for the un-cute

This endangered frog deserves just as much love as the cute & cuddly animals

Fundraising is a challenge for every charity, but imagine how much more difficult it is when the creatures you’re helping aren’t cute or cuddly. Reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects are being seriously impacted by human activity and if we don’t protect them the consequences will affect all of us. Just look at the decline in pollinators, without bees and other insects crops will fail and millions of humans and animals will starve.

Small is beautiful

Rescue dog Brock from charity Homeless Hounds

Up and down the country there are small wildlife sanctuaries and animal rescues doing amazing work, often staffed entirely by volunteers. Unlike the bigger charities they don’t have money to spend on marketing so it’s easy to miss them. Big charities do great work and we’re not saying you shouldn’t support them too, just don’t forget about your local sanctuary or shelter and if you can’t donate why not volunteer instead?

Have an ‘impulse pot’   

Giving is enjoyable, so why not put aside a little money every month (in addition to any regular donations) to give to a cause that moves or inspires you? Research shows that donating charity creates a feeling of happiness that lasts for a week, so if you put aside £20 a month and donate just £5 a week on impulse that’s a whole month of happiness right there!


Head to WildCrowd to start giving now: www.wildcrowd.org

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