Summer is emphatically upon us, and the number of afternoons we’ve spent jollying down to the beach is racking up to double figures now. On more than one occasion we’ve hoped to discover a vegan ice cream van meandering up and down the seafront, but tragically this isn’t yet a reality. Luckily, in more supermarkets and health food stores than ever before, you can often find a cheeky pot of delicious vegan ice cream nestled in their freezers. Here’s our pick of the bunch, plus a few due to be launched in the not-too-distant future…

Salted Caramel by Almond Dream

It’s been a while ? #veganicecream #almonddream #vegantreats #vegan #veganoninsta

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This rich creamy caramel number is an absolute corker. It’s one of those discoveries that requires an immediate annoying group message sent to all friends, family and acquaintances to spread the good news. The pot is overflowing with flavour, and surprised my non-vegan friends as to its dairy-free origins.

How much? Around £4

Where? Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado

Hazelnut Chocolate by Alpro Soya

We’ve seen high praise awarded to this flavour in the world of comments on social media, and that’s a world where compliments don’t come easy. You can also get Alpro vegan ice cream in coconut or vanilla flavour. Heck, why pick just one? Chuck all three in your basket and call it “research”.

How much? Around £3 (it’s only £2 at Morrisons online right now!)

Where? Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda (or find a stockist here)

Feisty Rollercoaster Ginger by Booja Booja

We’re lifelong fans of all of Booja Booja’s exploits, not least their sumptuous award-winning plant-based ice creams. If fiery ginger isn’t your thing, you can (try to) choose between Pompompous Maple Pecan, Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla, Hunky Punky Chocolate or Coconut Hullabaloo.

How much? £1.99 for a small pot and £5.99 for a big pot

Where? Holland & Barrett (or find a one near you here)

Smooth Vanilla by Swedish Glace

This classic vanilla vegan ice cream can even be found in small supermarket shops on the high street, I was thrilled to discover. Whilst it is a Unilever product, it’s proof that the vegan demand is being recognised, and it’s always great to have more plant-based options out there.

How much? Around £2.50

Where? Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Co-operative, Morrisons, Asda

Mango Snowconut by Coconut Collaborative

Which flavour #snowconut will you be digging into tonight? ?: @sarahscookery

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Technically this isn’t ice cream, but this fruity fresh frozen coconut yoghurt definitely hits the spot on a blazing day of sunshine. Also available in chocolate, raspberry and vanilla, or in an ice lolly dipped in organic fair trade dark chocolate. Yes please.

How much? Around £4

Where? Ocado, Morrisons, (other flavours available at Sainsbury’s)

Strawberry & Vanilla Cones by Tesco’s Free From

Best breakfast…vegan cornetto! Thanks @tescofood ? #Tesco #vegancornetto #veganicecreamcone ?

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An old favourite, now sans dairy! This cone is filled with devilishly moreish vegan ice cream studded with strawberry ripples throughout, all wrapped up in a gluten-free wafer lined with dairy-free chocolate. This is the most portable of our selection so far, ideal for a simultaneous walk and scoff.

How much? £1.50

Where? Tesco, obvs

A Bright Future Awaits…

Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream Coming To UK

News from across the pond tells us that Häagen-Dazs launched four diary-free flavours (Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle, Coconut Caramel, Mocha Chocolate Cookie & Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge) in Target stores in the US of A recently, and Ben & Jerry’s have just added three more new flavours to their Non-Dairy range. And just last Monday, Ben & Jerry’s UK announced that they’re bringing them to the UK! Here’s hoping Häagen-Dazs follow suit. If the vegan ice cream market keeps growing at this rate, we’re bound to see the vegan ice cream van of our dreams roaming the seafront soon.

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  • Ket

    You’ve missed out this new kid on the block by Miro, absolutely mind blowing and available from Ocado.

  • Liz Smith
    Reply this stuff is incredible edible. Made from Avocado. The salted caramel might be the best. Bo is the Irish for cow, hence the no bo!

  • fiona

    For the best (aka tastiest, cheapest, healthiest and quickest) vegan ice cream ever, simply pop frozen over ripe banana slices into a food processor and blend with 1/2 tablespoon (or more for a richer flavour) cacao powder plus a tablespoon (or more for a fudgier texture) of tahini or any nut butter. keep blending til smooth but still frozen. Absolutely delicious rich dark chocolate flavour, no added sugar and instant. Enjoy
    as inspired by Dreena Burton’s amazing ‘Fudgesicles’ and ‘Banaa Butter Ice Cream’ recipes from ‘Plant Powered Families’

  • Shaq O'nail

    Thanx for the sharing. The rich creamy caramel is good or yummy.

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