We’ve compiled a glossary of our answers to commonly asked questions, in the hope that we’ll be able to shed some light on how footwear is produced, how sizing works and what advice we can give to help you make your perfect purchase of designer ethical vegan shoes. If you have any more questions we’ve not answered here, please do leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you! 🙂

Will the shoes fit me?

Understandably, we receive this question frequently via email. We’re all used to walking into a shoe shop and trying a few different sizes before we buy, but when you’re buying online, we know it can be difficult to make sure you’ve chosen the right size for you first time round.

Of course, we’re unable to guarantee a perfect fit for individuals, as everybody’s feet are unique. There are heaps of different foot measurements that affect sizing besides the length, from the instep to the arch to the length of your toes and the changing width and spread of your feet depending on how you put your weight on them (the list goes on!). Literally all of these factors can have an impact on shoe fit and even if we were to measure everything meticulously, frustratingly it still won’t necessarily guarantee a perfect fit! Sizing can also vary from style to style depending on whether they are made in Italy, Spain or the Far East and whether they are pointed, round, high or low but you can read more about that below. What we can do though is advice you as best we can to help you make your decision!

We base our sizing advice on two things. Firstly, we employ a fit model who is sample size (EU37 or UK4) who tries on all our samples and tells us what the fit is like for her. Of course, we know that this is only her individual experience, so we also rely on feedback from our lovely customers! If we receive a majority of returns in a particular style that say the shoes are too big, for example, then we’ll write this in the information on the product description of this style. We also include the boot heights, boot calf circumferences and heel heights in this description too 🙂

And if they don’t fit? Simply fill out your Returns Form requesting another size & post them back to us. For more instructions on how we recommend you post your shoes back us, go to www.beyond-skin.com/delivery-returns.

Why does the same size fit differently in different styles?

Each style is designed around its own model, called a “last”. Some have pointed toes, some are shaped for high heels, and some are flat, and all of them weigh an absolute tonne! (Thankfully the days of lugging around bags of lasts from the design studio to the factory are now in the past!) Each last is produced in at least 6 sizes (from EU36 to EU41). The upper materials and the sole unit are then manufactured around each size last to make the shoe. As all lasts vary slightly from style to style, unfortunately so does the fit.

  Left: An image of a last. Right: Our Hazel Heels in production!

Instead of throwing old lasts out each collection, we often design around lasts we’ve used before. This is not only more sustainable, but it’s also better for our customers: if you’ve found a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, it’s always good to look out for other styles we do each season that are designed around the same last. For more information on which lasts our styles are designed around, please see below 🙂

Another factor that may affect sizing include the materials used. A stiffer faux patent leather may feel tighter than a soft faux suede or a woven fabric, simply because softer materials mold more easily to the exact shape of your foot.

If we know a style is running smaller or larger than usual, we write this sizing advice in the product descriptions. But if you have any further questions about the fit of a particular style, we’d be more than happy to help! Ping us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get back to you right away.

Will you make more half sizes?

It is definitely part of our plan to offer a wider selection of half sizes as we grow! For now, we currently make half sizes in the Lexie Heels, Kate Loafers and Isabella Heels. The main barrier to producing more at the moment is the cost of expanding production to this level. Every size has a different last, and if the shoes are hand-cut, every size also needs a unique sole knife and in-sole knife produced. Then on top of this, there are the minimum quantities that we have to produce in order to justify buying the lasts in the first place. Due to these limitations, for the time being we’re currently restricted to producing half sizes in only our best-selling classic Essentials styles.

Will you make wide or narrow width shoes?

Again, this is something we’re looking forward to doing as we expand, but for now we are restricted as the lasts and knives are expensive to produce.

Do you make smaller or larger sizes?

We do have a service for ordering in EU size 34, 35, 42 and 43 🙂 Unfortunately not all of the lasts are available in smaller or larger sizes, so we’re not able to offer the entire collection to these customers. Also, we know you’re out there, but at the moment there’s not enough demand to justify creating all these extra lasts in smaller and larger sizes. But please do join our mailing list on this link, as we hope to expand our selection year on year!

Why should I try the shoes on carpet?

As you may have seen on our Delivery & Returns page, due to the delicate nature of our soles, we ask our customers to try their shoes on carpet. Our soles are made of a black resin with a cream lacquer coating, and it’s this coating that unfortunately marks easily. Eventually we’d like to replace this with a cream resin sole that is not coated, but for now our options are determined by our supplier.

The sole for each different last, size and heel variation needs its own specific knife, and finding the knife for each sole out of thousands in a warehouse is quite a mission for a sole supplier – they often have up to 100 knives to find per collection! Seeing as Beyond Skin is producing relatively small quantities of each last, size and heel variation compared to other global footwear brands, it’s not easy finding suppliers who will accommodate, as they all have a minimum they require you to order. The resin sole with the cream lacquer coating we have on our shoes at the moment is the only material our current sole supplier has to offer. So for now we’ll just have to work hard on expanding our business so we can order bigger quantities, and therefore insist on a change of material rather than be beholden to our supplier.

Where possible, we care deeply about practicing sustainability throughout our business, so we ask customers to please be careful not to mark the shoes when they try them on. This is because if they are too damaged, it makes it difficult to sell them to another customer. As each pair takes 6 to 8 weeks to produce in our factory, and uses resources, materials and fuel to manufacture and deliver, it’d be such a waste to throw away a pair of lovingly handmade shoes, so we want to avoid this where ever possible!

Can I walk in the countryside in my Beyond Skin shoes?

Our boots are not wellies! Here at Beyond Skin, style is our number one priority. Our speciality is designing & producing glamorous fashionable vegan footwear, as opposed to sportswear, hiking boots or utility shoes. Rather than grassy terrain, our shoes are ideally shown off at parties, at work, in bars and of course on the red carpet!

A pair of Beyond Skin shoes I already have are a perfect fit! Which shoes should I choose next?

Congratulations! You might want to buy more shoes that were designed around the same last. Please be aware however that the materials and design of different styles may affect the fit, so it won’t be a guarantee, but it may help you make your decision. See below for a breakdown of all the styles designed around each last to help you with your next purchase 🙂


Arty Sandals

Candice Sandals

Charlotte Sandals

Gigi Sandals

Lily Sandals

Luna Sandals

Norah Sandals

Patti Sandals

Patti B Sandals

Sara Sandals

Zoe Sandals


Charlie Pumps

Dandy Boots

Delta Monkstraps

Dotty Pumps

Farah Boots

Kate Loafers

Lucy Brogues

Lucy B Brogues

Lyra Boots

Pixie Boots

Terrie Shoes


Alexa Heels

Alexis Heels

Deli Heels

Elf Boots

Gaia Heels

Gaia B Heels

Medusa Boots

Morgan Boots


Lolly Heels

Pippa Heels

Poppy Heels

Sicily Heels

Viva Heels

Vera Heels

Victoria Boots

Subie Boots


Amelie Sandals

Annie Sandals

Bettina Shoes

Joanie Loafer Shoes

Rose Sandals

Suni Shoes

Tommy Sandals


Archie B Heels

Belle Heels

Belle B Heels

Ellen Heels

Grace Heels

Grace B Heels

Gwyneth Heels


Caya Heels

Isabella Heels

Laya Heels

Maya Heels

Ophelia Heels

Stella Mules

Violet Heels


Hattie Heels

Lexie Heels

Madison Boots

Rita Boots

Teddy Heels


India Sandals

Leah Sandals

Luella Sandals

Valerie Platforms


Hazel Heels

Molly Heels

Perry Heels

Pia Sandals


Bee Slippers

Foxy Slippers

Nelly Slippers

Tiger Slippers


Ally Shoes

Opal Shoes

Tilly Shoes

Vinnie Shoes


Aurora Sandals

Felix Sandals

Kirstie Sandals


Maggie Flatforms

Caitlin Flatforms

Pip Sandals


Ronnie Boots

Sary Boots

Jane Boots


June Sandals

Jackie B Sandals

Melissa Sandals


Denise Heels

Izzy Heels


Bay Heels

Bertie Heels


Betty Boots

Tulip Heels


Bonnie Heels

Suzee Heels


Coco Shoes

Corrine Shoes


Dora Heels

Viola Heels


Elvis Brogues

Monk Shoes


Calypso Loafers


Frida Boots


Candy Boots


Carol Pumps




Bob Wedges


Eloise Wedges

All images our own.

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