Black Friday Give Back Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us (cue dramatic ominous music). In case you’re unaware of what the heck Black Friday is, it’s essentially a short sharp sale on the Friday after Thanksgiving that holds chunky discounts for shoppers and epic income boosts for retailers. Black Friday is rumoured to be named after businesses being in profit (being “in the black” as opposed to “in the red”). This certainly rings true throughout the high street; in 2016, Ethical Consumer reports that a record £5.8 billion was spent during Black Friday sales.

Dubbed the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday has come to symbolise overconsumption, inducing frenzied shopping sprees and encouraging snap purchases from customers under pressure to get a good deal. But as our precious planet buckles under the weight of rampant consumerism and fast throwaway fashion, we can’t help but think that accelerating the speed and volume of purchases is a bad idea.

Rather than splashing out on a haul of cheap clothes from big brands and adding to the profits of global corporations, this Black Friday we heartily recommend investing in a few quality purchases from responsible, eco-conscious and independent brands, who are committed to creating a more sustainable and ethical future (wink wink!).

As a fashion brand, we feel we have an important responsibility to be mindful of the environmental impact of our business practices, as our industry is the second biggest polluting industry of them all. So rather than parroting the status quo of high street fashion brands coercing customers to buy buy buy, we believe Black Friday can be changed for the better, so this year we decided to adopt a fresh approach.

Instead of slashing prices and instigating purchasing panic, this Black Friday we want to give back to a cause that is close to our hearts. Therefore 10% of every purchase made on Friday will be donated to animal charity PETA, to aid them in their work establishing and protecting the rights of animals. We hereby rename the 24th November Give Back Friday. Giving back is the new black!

Black Friday - Give Back Friday

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