Vegan Christmas: Recipes for Success

From holiday shopping to listing carols, gifting and cookie baking, the month of December is the time of the year that all of us look forward to. The festive mood keeps us going. Preparation for Christmas and new year begins months in advance. While we think of numerous other ways to make it a memorable experience, food and good food can never be left out. Everything from turkey and stuffing to rum and eggnog becomes even more popular this time of year. It can be pretty difficult even for the steeliest of wills to stay on the straight and narrow through the season. Fortunately, when it comes to opportunities for making your vegan Christmas dinner without forsaking all of the holiday’s deliciousness, there are a plenty of inventive recipes that cover all your seasonal eats. A memorable Christmas dinner can pose a few challenges for the committed vegan, but with so many creative cooks readily sharing their ideas on internet these days, finding deletable and healthy vegan dishes isn’t a problem anymore.

Here are some of the choicest dishes that even a strict non-vegan is likely to love.


Asian Mushroom Wellington

Vegan Christmas: Asian Mushroom Wellington

Asian Mushroom Wellington. Annabelle Randles. 2016. Web. Nov 19. 2017.


Any recipe that ends with the word “Wellington” might seem like something that a vegan would forego, given its association with red meat. Fortunately, there are no tricks involved in this unique, vegan version of the classic dish of Beef Wellington, ideal for a vegan Christmas dish.

While you’ll still want to use the flaky, puff pastry that bakes to a golden brown for this delicious recipe, the filling used is entirely vegan and an absolute delight even for the regular meat eaters.

And it happens to be very simple too!

By frying a mixture of shallots, garlic, mushrooms and Chinese Five-spice powder, then adding in tamari seasoning and breadcrumbs, you’ll be halfway to a spicy, seasonal dish that’s sure to wow everyone.

According to recipe writer Annabelle from One Green Planet, you can even make the filling a day before, when it comes to big celebrations. You obviously don’t want to stress yourself out, of course!


Pearl Barley Risotto with Vegetables

Vegan Christmas: Pearl Barley Risotto

Pearl Barley Risotto with Vegetables. Food Network Kitchen. 2015. Web. Nov 19. 2017.


One dish that vegans cannot pack is the typical meal done with meat and potatoes, but this fabulous and seasonal risotto proves that one can stay healthy and still enjoy whole hog with vegan food.

Instead of Arborio rice, which is commonly used in risotto, this recipe uses pearl barley, one of many superfoods that helps to maintain blood pressure.

With the addition of garlic, onion, a touch of parmesan (if you want) and some white wine, this hearty meal really stacks up the flavours.

The addition of colourful winter vegetables like butternut squash and carrots make it even heartier and striking on Christmas table. The only thing required is a little slaving over the stove to ensure your risotto absorbs the stock and simmers nicely. 


Moroccan Vegetable Strudel

Vegan Christmas: Moroccan Vegetable Strudel

Moroccan Vegetable Strudel. John Whaite. 2017. Web. Nov 19. 2017.


Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are often the outpost of familiar dishes that have already become old classics.

Being a vegan is all about being inventive with food. This exotic strudel is a complete delight to the senses and sure to inspire your friends and family.

You’ll need a bit of time for this Morocco-inspired recipe that features spices like Ras el hanout, chilli and coriander, but you can start off slow by roasting peppers, aubergines and tomatoes in the oven until they begin to char.

While this will provide a lot of extra punch for your final dish, couscous, raisins and flaked almonds will add the notable flavours of North Africa for something that won’t soon be forgotten.


Aubergine & Chickpea Bites

Vegan Christmas: Aubergine & Chickpea Bites

Aubergine & Chickpea Bites. BBC Good food. 2017. Web. Nov 19. 2017.


There’s no better way to get your guests in the mood for a vegan Christmas feast than to serve them with a surprising appetiser which is a treat for the taste buds!

In fact, these Aubergine & Chickpea Bites are an easy way to start on your holiday meals.

After roasting aubergines in the oven with garlic, you’ll simply scoop out the skin and add chickpeas, cumin, flour, and lemon, among a few other ingredients.

You’ll then shape the mixture into balls, roll in polenta for a crispy coating, and bake in the oven just before your guests start to arrive.

While the recipe from BBC Good Food suggests a harissa dip with yoghurt, you may want to use Greek yoghurt to amp up the superfood potential of your meal. Better yet, you may want to try making up your very own dip!


Vegan Chocolate Pie with Almond Crust

 Vegan Christmas: Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate pieces. Marco Verch. 2017. Web. Nov 19. 2017.

Ok, the main event for any holiday may be the meal, full of potatoes and vegetables and even Tofurky, but NO dinner is complete without a dessert.

There are a number of easy vegan options for ideal desserts but if you truly want to impress your guests, this dark chocolate pie will probably do the trick. And you know there’s nothing healthier than a dark chocolate.

You can start out with a crust made of raw almonds, coconut oil, maple syrup, oat flour and rolled oats.

Once it’s baked, add a filling that consists of dark chocolate chips, coconut milk, vanilla and salt. And while this dessert may sound enticing enough on its own, the recipe writer at Oh She Glows suggests a delightful strawberry compote that will be sure to contrast with the flavor of dense dark chocolate.

Whether you like cupcakes or pies, ice creams or chocolate, this dessert won’t disappoint you. In fact, you can also pair it up with red or white wine. Together it makes an excellent combo and the perfect way to end a bountiful vegan Christmas meal.

Whatever the occasion may be, there are plenty of ways to adjust the classics and still make for a holiday feast that’s healthy and vegan-friendly.

This blog was written for the Beyond Skin Blog by Sara O Brown.


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