‘Tis the season to buy people presents! As you’re probably painfully aware, it can be a struggle to think of the perfect gift for all our loved ones. There are a multitude of reasons why the recipient in mind might be tricky to buy for. Maybe their only hobby is deep-sea exploration, requiring thousands of pounds worth of professional flippers and underwater cameras that make a laughing stock of your modestly sized stocking and humble budget. Perhaps your giftee is prone to self-gifting, so if you do buy her that much-coveted brooch, you’ll spot it on her lapel before she’s even unwrapped your present. Or, more likely, they’re impossible to buy for because their sock drawer is already fit to burst.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the hazards of unchecked Christmas consumerism. The pressure to splurge on festive gifts starts in October and gradually increases in intensity as the weeks press on. But in our world plagued by unsustainable consumerism, rather than obediently emptying our bank accounts into the pockets of global corporations, we believe it’s time to create new traditions designed with ethical, eco-conscious values at their heart. And lo, our ethical Christmas shopping guide was born!

Hark! Read our ideas for more ethical Christmas gifts below…


If they’ve been naughty this year, then this is all they should expect. But if they’ve been a good boy or girl, then this might still be a worthwhile gift, especially for someone who already has it all. Why not give on their behalf to a charity that resonates with them, and spread a little kindness in the spirit of a truly ethical Christmas. Aside from simply donating money, there are a sea of wonderful charitable gifts to choose from. You could adopt an elephant with WWF, buy a Christmas hamper for a homeless young person from Centrepoint, or buy real products for refugees like warm coats, tents and cooking equipment from Help Refugee’s store Choose Love. (If you do opt for the latter and buy before 17th December, Vodafone will double your donation.)


Less is more. Rather than buying countless trinkets for your giftee, just invest in one high quality, well-made and responsibly manufactured product that will last them multiple Christmases to come. A pair of Nudie Jeans for example, is an artefact of true craftsmanship with a lifespan to rival most boilers 😉 Not only are they woven from 100% organic cotton with transparent production chain, but this brand also offers a free repair service to keep those jeans alive and kicking for longer. Or you could opt for a stylish and thoughtfully constructed Vaute Couture snowcoat, made of 100% recycled closed-loop zero-waste windproof snow-resistant ripstop (a nylon fabric woven to prevent small tears spreading), with an insulation used by arctic explorers, no less. To say that coat is durable is, quite frankly, an understatement.


Your ethical Christmas gift of choice needn’t involve any money changing hands at all. Rather than a physical present, you could give the gift of a helping hand. New parents might relish an offer to babysit so they can fall asleep in a cinema instead. Or an elderly aunt might appreciate a promise to build that crockery display unit, so she can finally see her matching plates and bowls in all their glory. Whatever help you offer, as long as it’s considerate, it is sure to be gratefully received. Plus, you’ll get a warm glow from helping out a fellow human. It’s a win-win situation 😉


If you’d prefer to wrap a tangible gift and nestle it beneath the tree, then consider buying from ethical brands. By buying from principled and responsible enterprises, you’ll be investing in a better, more considerate future marketplace, all whilst simply doing your Christmas shop. As you may know all too well, it’s no mean feat to find brands that align with your values. But for all you ethical consumers out there, never fear – the Good On You app is here to the rescue! This marvellous app has rated the ethical credentials of over 1,100 fashion brands, from mainstream outlets to smaller designer retailers, so you can make an informed decision about who you buy from. Download it pronto to commence effortless ethical Christmas shopping!

Ethical Christmas

Our ethical Christmas list to Santa…

A chic pair of Katharine Hamnett London wide leg navy trousers made from 100% cotton and made in Italy…

If we’ve been very well-behaved this year, this Stella McCartney Logo bag

This pair of geometric earrings, for which the money will help support oceanic causes, pretty please…

This minimalist crew neck knit dress made from 100% ethical organic cotton from Kowtow…

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