It’s fast approaching; Valentine’s Day is upon us. With it comes the mild plethora of fretting about what to do, what to wear, what to treat your partner to and so forth! Worry not, as we are here to help you plan the ultimate ethical, vegan Valentine’s day!

Fine Vegan Dining

Here are our top restaurant ideas for the vegan couple (sorry this is UK only as we are not so well versed with international vegan dining… yet!)

Terre à Terre Brighton


Terre à Terre is an obvious choice if you are in Brighton, but always a favourite for us! We have our regular dishes we love but going for the special menu is always a great option (beware the cocktails – they are dangerously delicious!)

Food for Friends Brighton

Food for Friends is another classic for the plant based eaters of Brighton and Hove. A lovely venue, always with stylish decorations; making this a very romantic destination.

Manna London


Manna is our go-to when visiting London. Always guaranteed a wonderful treat for the tummy, and a wonderful dining experience.

The Gate London

The Gate is another favourite of ours, and a real treat!

Art School Restaurant Liverpool

Although we have not visited here ourselves, we have it on good authority that the vegan menu at the Art School Restaurant is excellent! Do let us know your thoughts please if you do visit.

Farmacy London


Farmacy has a delicious sounding menu, in a great area of town. You will leave feeling contented, wholesome and very happy!


Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen Bath

Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen looks delicious, and we would eagerly like to hear any feedback from you, as we are yet to dine here.

Hendersons Scotland


Hendersons is sublime. Remember to certainly book, as the queues go along the street! Worth the wait, we highly recommend.


Vegan Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Once the table is booked, here’s some thoughts on some little ethical, vegan Valentine’s day gifts for that special lady.

Beyond Skin Gifts

A Beyond Skin vegan purse, Bella, has an extra 10% off using code ILOVEYOU10 valid until Thursday 15th February. A very easy to use, zip purse that can double up as a mini clutch. A long lasting gift that will be a favourite for many years to come, as real investment piece to add to your vegan wardrobe.


Or if you’re not sure what she’d like, you can always opt for the Beyond Skin Gift Certificate, so she can choose herself!

Vegan Chocolates

Booja Booja champagne truffle chocolates are one of the best vegan chocolates out there. These, if you have not yet tried them, will knock your socks off. They are seriously delicious and wonderfully intense! We would be so bold to say that these are an essential for a chocolate-loving vegan on Valentine’s day. Hint hint 😘


Vegan candles are quite simply, easy gifts. No eat-by date, and appreciated by all.  There are many vegan, soy wax candles on the market, so you will easily be able to pick one up on the high street, but we are in love with Neom. Some of Neom’s candles have beeswax, some are vegan, and the scents are pure divine!

A relaxing treatment is a much appreciated gift idea that is always welcome. Subtly try to deduce which is their preferred treatment spa and a quick phone call later will have you in the ‘good books’.  If you’re unsure of spas, we recommend The Treatment Rooms, just make sure that your spa of choice has vegan cosmetic products!

Wishing you all a very charming vegan Valentine’s Day 😍

Images courtesy of Terre à Terre / Facebook, Manna / Facebook, Farmacy / Facebook, Hendersons, Booja-Booja / Facebook

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