Ethical festival fashion seems like the concept that time forgot. Instagram “influencers” link to throwaway fashion brands that promote “festival fashion” when what they mean is “clothes you can throw up in and just leave behind in the field, that’s how cheap they are!”

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Here are a few simple ways to look and feel superior to your peers at a festival; whether swaying to your favourite band, joining the back of a suspiciously long portaloo queue, or simply panic eating a thousand vegan wings to rid yourself of the three day hangover and existential dread.

1. Firstly, glitter and sequins. You can turn your nose up at them. You can say you are too old. Too chic. Too interesting and quietly beautiful like Bjork, and that you only wear black so glitter doesn’t work with your “aesthetic”. NO. This is a festival, so you are bound to be approached semi aggressively by a girl with a pot and a brush.

However glitter is abominable for the environment as itā€™s a microplastic and ends up in the ocean. Most probably it is going to be banned in the next few years like microbeads and plastic straws, so now is the time to reassess your options. Luckily I have sourced some that are biodegradable and plant based.

Firstly: plant based, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free and DIVINE: glitterevolution products are made from plants not plastics, and offer every kind of glitter pot you could ever want. Another great one is biodegradable glitter from Eco Glitter Fun.Ā 

2. Crochet is obviously great because it stops you getting too hot, yet keeps you getting too cold. It gives you an interesting and unique tan. You can air in on a pole outside your tent. Or you can weave your own. Or you can buy nice crochet items from hereĀ Mylo beachwear; handmade, organic, cotton heaven šŸ™‚

3. Everyone likes a good cliche, particularly if it is Kate Moss at Glastonbury circa 2005 (her festival golden era). Cut off shorts, slightly creepy waistcoats, cowboy boots. All these festival essentials can be recycled, given away, made yourself or bought second hand at charity shops.Ā Avoid the big retailers making copies as they never understand the edge of crustiness and horror that these need, experiment!


4. Whatever Rihanna does, the world doth follow. At Coachella she went for over the knee Uggs and a balaclava so maybe channel this at your next festival. Except Uggs are a bit barbaric so try our Misty Camel faux sheepskin boots instead.


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