Off travelling the world and need your vegan queries answered? We are here to help.

1. Firstly think about the path you will be taking on this holiday. Airport, plane… and then? Where are you staying, what do you want to go and see, what are your most fervent hopes and dreams? Most of your problems (in life) can be solved by packing a snack. Pack one of many vegan options such as protein powders, chia seeds, hemp, goji berries, dried fruit, packets of oatmeal, kale chips… anything dry and light that will bulk up what is available to you. Therefore any time you get hungry you will have something to hand, even if it’s just hot water to add to your oatmeal.

Supermarket run in Zagreb. I’m going to @plitvicelakes_official and Slunj for the next few days and I’ve been told to take food with me as vegan options are limited. I don’t have access to a kitchen so I decided to buy a few things I can throw together and a few snack things. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegan options at the supermarket and also how clearly labelled they all are. I didn’t find this in Spain or Portugal. I bought: sundried tomatoes, hummus, falafels, pickles, almonds, flat bread, vegan faux meat (ham maybe??) and bananas. They also had vegan lollies, ice cream,flavoured soy milk, seitan and heaps of different flavoured tofus. Yay for vegan options. #vegan#veganinzagreb#veganincroatia#vegansupermarketfinds#vegantravel#vegantravelling#vegantraveller#veganaroundtheworld#veganaroundtheglobe#veganfood#veganfoodinstagram#plantfueled#plantpowered#plantpoweredpeople#veganinplitvice#veganism

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Most airports will have somewhere you can buy vegan food for the flight so do consider this before you board; you wouldn’t want to be trapped 40,000 ft in the air with no popcorn to watch your movie with… would you?

2. Look up the health food stores and restaurants that are local to you BEFORE you go so it’s a smooth transition upon landing not a mad panic. Enjoy it! Enjoy your life! Draw a map of where you’re going and skip there instead of walking! Write a to do list if that sets your heart on fire! Highly recommended by pretty much everyone is the Happy Cow app which gives you a definitive list (with ratings) of everywhere that sells vegan food in the god damn world.

3. Important advice: Don’t panic – you will likely not starve. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, has fresh produce and farmers markets. Everywhere has beans and rice. There will be some fruit for you at the very least until you reach the next port. Go forage.

4. More important advice for when the hunger rage sets in and you are weeping for your Keep Smiling Gorilla M’Vanilla ice cream back home. Stay hydrated. You’re hot, you’re angry, you are most probably just a tired toddler at heart. Seriously just drink some water and relax for five mins, it always helps.

5. Just ask – most places will be able to make a dish with vegetables instead of meat, especially rice dishes, curries, salads, pastas etc. Some places may even be interested in your mission and enjoy the challenge that you are about to bestow on them. By mentioning your dietary requirements to the host or the restaurant you might be pointed to somewhere you hadn’t thought of, or be able to whip you up something that hadn’t occurred to you.

6. On that note, learn how to say, “no beef, pork, chicken, egg, fish or cheese.” So much easier. Get a Vegan Passport.

7. Look for likeminded people via events in the area or couch surfing groups. Try Veg Voyages and Humane Travel for specifically vegan holidays. You can also look at the multitude of vloggers, bloggers and instagrammers who seem to always find something delicious to swoon over. Whether you’re in Slough, Timbuktu or on the moon, the likelihood that someone has hashtagged something good to eat near you is probably like, 90%.

8. Usually your best bets for easy vegan meals are Indonesian, Thai, Indian … So if you are in one of these places, lucky you, if not, maybe hunt down a restaurant where it’s the specialty. Think of places that traditionally don’t go in on the dairy as subbing that out is usually harder than getting rid of the meat. Research what the reaction to Veganism is in the country you’re visiting so you can understand how to phrase your requests. For example, checking if there is any dairy in a dish you know is meat free can be easier in some cases than trying to explain that you’re vegan.

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