November is World Vegan Month, which goes off with a bang after World Vegan Day on the first. World Vegan Month is really a time of reflection and celebration. A time to recognise how far the vegan community has come in the past few years. It is also a time to show others how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be, and for the “vegan curious” to get their hands dirty! All in all this is a great month for sharing advice, recipes and ideas… and having a pre party season with a heart before December begins.

1.You could host a vegan lunch at work or a vegan dinner party with friends.

November 1st is official World Vegan Day. Use this as an opportunity to show people that a slap up meal can be just as delicious (if not much more delicious) the vegan way! This is your chance to introduce veganism to a potentially very diverse audience which is why your workplace could be the place for you. If not, invite round your meat loving vegan bashing family members and give them a treat they can’t resist. Treating people to something tempting, delicious and fun is going to have a more profound effect than telling them what they can’t have. Make sure you know everyones favourites beforehand so you can feed them the alternatives!

2. Or perhaps a vegan themed movie night!

Shocking people into action can work wonders, but if sending your guests home weeping after an evening of Cowspiracy isn’t your style maybe start with something a bit more fun. Get them in the mood with Babe, and then introduce them to Simon Amstell’s Carnage – hilarious and though provoking in equal measure.  Don’t forget to lay on the vegan cinema treats – ice cream, popcorn, crisps, dips, milkshakes, nachos- make it a night to remember! You could even challenge each person to finding one of the treats each.

3. Hold a fun tasting session.

Most people don’t realise that all of their favourite treats are already vegan, or at the very least there are some amazing vegan alternatives (BOOJA BOOJA HELLO?!). You could do this with lots of little bits and pieces and lay on some snacks and get everyone to rate them, or with a full tasting menu and make a dinner of it.

4. Encourage your pals to take a 30 day pledge.

Even if it’s just reducing their meat intake to once a week, or cutting back from a meat eater to a vegetarian, this month is a great time to take that first step. There are so many amazing resources available online, and in particular on The Vegan Society website. You could even be sponsored to do it for your favourite charity for double great November points.

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5. Get Political!

There’s no better time to shout about the things you care about, so think about what motivates you and get out there. You could write to your local MP and ask them to get behind policy changes regarding animal rights and the environment, you could start your own protest or boycott of somewhere that you think is a cause for concern.

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