1. Helsinki Fashion Week is the first of its kind. Not only is it shining the spotlight on sustainable designers from Finland, it has extended its reach to all over the world. Better still, Helsinki has committed to not just showcasing sustainable fashion, but every aspect of the five day event will be zero waste!

2. Founder Evelyn Mora is making history. Proving that sustainable fashion is not just a means of production that can work alongside fashion, but proving that it never compromises creativity. Far from being a gimmick or niche, sustainability is a lifestyle choice just as glamorous as any other!

She says, “In addition to giving a platform to the trendsetters of clean fashion, the five-day fashion week sets to inspire sustainable development and cultural interaction by re-evaluating the way we consume, adapt and co-exist with our surroundings in the fashion landscape of the future.”

3. This year, an “eco village” has been unveiled on the island of Tahvonlahti:

”We have networked with architectural and robot companies, sustainable research institutes and universities around the world and are planning Zero-waste Fashion Week. Electric vehicle company Tesla, World Natural Fund WWF and Camera Brand Leica participated as partners.”

Here are some punters doing yoga:

4. There are thirty brands participating, all showcasing collections using recycled materials and reusable natural fibres.

You can look at them all here.

5. It’s already making waves and getting great reviews worldwide…

“We wanted to help individuals realise their potential as facilitators of positive change”, says Mora. 

“if sustainability is simply a recycling of our plastics, now is the time to think about buying organic products and reducing consumption.” – Vogue Korea

You heard it here first!!

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