Welcome to the 2018 best places ever to be a vegan list (in no particular order… Otherwise London would be at the top xx):


Amsterdam is best known for its weed smoking and stag do’s to the young’uns of the world, but to its locals – and rated number one on Peta – it is known for it’s buzzing food scene. Amsterdam has always been hugely popular to tourists (it has beautiful canals, walks and views as well as raucous night life) so it makes sense that it is catering to a wide range of people too. 

Highly recommended:

Café Vegabond

Vegan Junk Food Bar


“Berlin is truly the capital of cruelty free food in Europe” according to Happy Cow (which to anyone interested is the worlds most helpful app!). The city has a population of only 3 million but houses an estimated 80,000 vegans. The city has over 50 vegan restaurants and over 300 providing vegan options. 

Food-wise, try Brammibal’s Donuts for some deep-fried treats, Yoyo FoodWorld for a mind-blowing junk food menu, and Vöner for a mouth-watering vegan meat kebab.

Not only this, but Berlin is known in the vegan community for their “vegan avenue” called Schivelbeiner Straße which boasts the vegan shoe store Avesu (shipping worldwide), the vegan clothing store Deargoods, and Veganz vegan grocery store with a cafe inside. If you can’t find what you are looking for at Avesu or Deargoods, you may want to head over to vegan clothing stores Loveco and Suessstoff.


Vegan Edinburgh is a website dedicated to charting the growing amount of choice in the Scottish capital which has a surprising amount of choice.

largest number of vegan eateries in Scotland. Had the largest number of Vegetarian ones in the Eighties and was overtaken for Vegetarian and Vegan food by Glasgow until recently and has now regained the number one spot. Harmonium is the latest edition to a growing list of vegan haunts. 

and don’t forget the fringe, a time when the city comes alive and options are endless! 


This lovely Belgium city has always been renowned for its amazing food, but until recently that was frites, waffles, chocolate and beer. However, Ghent isn’t about to lose its crown. Belgians largest vegetarian organisation, Ethical Vegetarian Alternatives (EVA) started their plant based takeover in Ghent! There is now a local Ghent tradition called Donderdag Veggiedag- Thursday Veggie day! On Thursdays, over 90 restaurants, 20 hotels and 50% of the population go veggie. Not only this but they have invested thousands of dollars in plant based chefs, and offers free vegan cookery classes to anyone interested. 


Aanaajaanaa, a vegan bed and breakfast. Then fill up on the all-you-can-eat buffet at Komkommertijd. 


Gothenburg is Swedens “most vegan city”, and is also known for it’s organic and raw food scene, as well as some gorgeous local businesses! Not only that but it is ahead of the curve in terms of sustainable fashion: Kladoteket is a store that lets you rent clothes instead of buying, which is innovation if you ask us! 

So: Food shop at the Happy Vegan if you’re cooking at home, visit clothing store THRIVE to stock up on style essentials, and even get a cruelty-free haircut at EcoLinné salon.


Those forward thinking Dutch! Groningen in Holland has a vegan only supermarket, Vegansuper, as well as Bla Bla – the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, which has added vegan options because of its increasing customer demand.

Start the day with breakfast at Anat, and later tuck into cruelty-free cakes at De Herbivoor. Divine! 


Who doesn’t bloody love London!! What a place. London is Happy Cow’s number one spot, and for good reason: Vegan has gone mainstream in London. Keeping up with the ever expanding festivals and markets is a job in itself. There is no end to the vegan cuisine on offer in this place and whatever your niche; cleaning eating and raw or fast food to go, you can get it a minute away!

Try Temple of Hackney for vegan chicken, Vegan fish and chips at Sutton and Sons, The Hackney Vegan Market on Sundays, Mildred’s, The Gate. Honestly the possibilities are endless and the second hand and vintage stores are also second to none! 

As if that wasn’t enough, London is even home to a fully vegan hair salon The Rabbit Hole Vegan Hair Parlour and a vegan bar/restaurant called The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker.


New York is considered by many to be the international food capital of the world. Like London, New Yorks vegan scene goes well beyond a veggie burger (though they do a good one). They have a thriving Indian, Falafel, Tapas and Dumpling scene.  By Chloe, the hugely popular vegan restaurant has come to London. Try Hangawi and Ladybird. 

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