As a woman-led company, women’s rights are something that not only are important to us but have helped to inform the decisions that we make as a brand.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, it was started in the early 1900’s in the USA, when oppression and poor voting rights spurred women to become more vocal and start campaigning for change.

This year the campaign is #BalanceforBetter – “A balanced world is a better world. Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

You can read more about IWD here.

How can we support International Women’s Day? 

Support each other.

Empowering each other is not only great for our own wellbeing but also great for the world. Join a meet-up, go to that art show, buy from that independent shop – encourage and sustain growth in female-led spaces.

Take a selfie.

IWD’s campaign #BalanceforBetter calls on people to use a downloadable selfie card, vowing to support the cause for a more gender-balanced world and encourage others to do so too.

Ask brands who made their products.

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Does Your Feminist T-Shirt Empower The Women Who Made It? Ahead of International Women’s Day, we are seeing an endless wave of feminist merch from the big fashion brands. In response, Fashion Revolution co-founder, Carry Somers, is exploring the ethical implications of slogan tees in her latest blog post. In it, she writes, “Slogan T-shirts with female empowerment messages will be everywhere this week to coincide with International Women’s Day, but the reality is that the fashion industry doesn’t empower the majority of women who work in it.” You can read @carrysomers full blog post through the link in our story! And, before you purchase any girl power gear this #InternationalWomensDay, make sure ask the brands that you support #WhoMadeMyClothes? Chances are, the answer is women. #FashionRevolution #balanceforbetter

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This excellent article by Carry Somers highlights how problematic the fashion industry can be. With so many brands producing T-shirts with female empowerment messages but not paying their female workers fairly, allowing them to work in unsafe conditions and not protecting workers against harassment, we’re urging people to always ask #WhoMadeMyClothes.

Beyond Skin shoes are produced in two factories in Alicante, Spain, which we visit regularly so we know firsthand there is no exploitation. The shoes are stitched, glued and packaged in-house. These workers are protected by EU employment law, and so they have employment contracts, are paid a fair wage, and the factory abides by EU health and safety regulations. In Spain, employers and employees make social security contributions, which pays for free healthcare, payment for time off due to work-related sickness or injury, maternity and paternity care, child allowance, invalidity benefit and pensions.

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